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Frames/ Night 3D

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Hi guys,


   I downloaded Taburet's 3D Night Iberia,  fsx,  and found that my frames dropped to 3.   Impossible to fly.   I have an old computer that honestly works good. With all add ons it will do up to 70 fps. On a demanding add ons easily about 15+.    So it's only with this night add on.  What I"m trying to say is that although my computer is old, I never really had any problem like this one.  It just handles FSX very well.  Rarely stutters. I fly most payware planes with no problem.   Is there any tweaks I can do for a better frame rate?   Or is this add on topically heavy on frames? And if this is really heavy on frames which other night add on should work better? I've tried to lower the settings but no real improvement.  I can only then think of some tweaks?!  I've never tweaked my FSX.   Help here will be appreciated.  


Thanks in advance.



PS- MS  Q9650 3Ghz 4core

Win7  64b  8gig ddr3

grafics GTX 295

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Currently installing and checking out my freeware photoscenery for Andalucia. When putting the default trike on the runway, in daylight, no autogen around, no weather, Taburet's 3D Iberia enabled, my fps drop to single digits, as well.

On a more positive note, my VAS usage goes up.   :lol:


Alternatives are:

  • The night lighting in ORBX' FTX Global product line.
  • And Chris Bell's/Aerosoft's Night Environment: NE gives me better fps, a lower VAS footprint, is configurable, and has, IMHO, the most credible looking lights/light splashes. It also dims with increasing distance, as opposed to Taburet's 3D. The dimming effect seems to be more realistic to me for most lights.

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