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FSX Stutters!?

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Hello Everyone,


Before I start, I have been an FSX simmer for 10+ years now and I know that fsx can be very simple or very complex depending on a number of different variables. I also know that it is virtually unheard of for any flight simulator rig to have NO stuttering whatsoever. I am posting this thread because I have tried everything I know and have made NO progress with my recent plague of stuttering in FSX so, here goes.


A few months ago, I started experiencing a VERY noticeable stutter (precisely once per second) while at one of my Flightbeam airports (KSFO) so I discontinued the flight and started troubleshooting. This stutter was NEVER there before and my sim ran like a dream to me. I researched, googled and tried many different "tricks" to try to resolve this issue. Below is a list of things I know how to do and have done without success:


1. config file tweaks (AFFINITYMASK, BUFFERPOOLS,etc.)

2. delete config file and start from scratch

3. uninstall all addons one by one

4. reformat whole computer (reformatted and did fresh windows install, reformatted FSX drive and reinstalled everything on a like new machine)

5. uninstall, completely clean computer of FSX and reinstalled fsx and all addons

6. Downloaded and installed all new drivers for GPU


I understand framerate drops and dips and bounces around if you don't have it locked, but it is locked at 30fps. I have absolutely NO framerate issues (smooth as can be) but once per second, it stutters terribly. even at higher altitudes when there is not as much scenery to load. I will describe my system below and hopefully someone can think of what I'm obviously missing.


Gigabyte Z77HD3 MoBo, Intel Core i7 3770k @ 4.5 Ghz, EVGA Geforce 660, Coolermaster closed loop liquid cooler w/ 240mm radiator, corsair vengeance ram (16Gb), 2x Samsung 840 EVO SSD (120 Gb for Win 7 and 250 Gb for FSX only).


With this rig, I don't see why I would be having lagging or stuttering. As I said before, it seemed to have started abruptly and to me it seems like something is running in the background.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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Pause/Freeze – If you suddenly get short stutters, pauses, freezes, perhaps 2-3 second pauses, I fixed mine by fixing a couple of errors in the Event Viewer.  For me, I was getting the following errors:

Event 4001, WLAN-AutoConfig service has successfully stopped.  I had it set at Automatic.  I moved it to Manual as I do not use Wireless LAN.


Event 7000, Service Control Manager.  The Microsoft Antimalware Service failed to start due to the following error:  the system cannot find the file specified.  The Service was set to start Automatically.  I changed it to Disable since I do not use the MS Antimalware Service but do use Anti-Malwarebytes.


I restarted my system and one of those services stopped the short pause/freeze/stutter (it was very annoying). 


Once, I stopped a really irritating pause at FlightBeam's KIAD.  I had just reinstalled FSX and was slowly adding things.  I had one page file on the main HDD.  I set up a page file (system managed) for each HDD.  Stutter/pauses immediately stopped.  Sometimes though, whenever I get the pauses/freezes after reinstalling Windows and FSX, I try this same "solution" and it does not fix the problem.  I think the main solution lies in what's running in the background.  I do not think it is FSX or a FSX addon.  It is one of the services.  Try disabling all of your startup programs (msconfig).  Then go into the Task Manager after FSX has started up and look at what is running.  See anything suspicious, like "why in the heck is this running?".  Check your Event Viewer as suggested in the AVSIM CTD Guide (page 2 or 3).  This is where you look only one place, in the Cutom Views/Admin Events.  This shows every problem, since you started the computer today.  It will also show you if these same problems cropped up yesterday and last week too.  These might need to be fixed.  Services are demons.  They all think they have to run or else.  They don't have to all run but they will balk if you turn them off or move them from Automatic to Manual startup.  So, I would recommend looking in this area.


I don't know about the AffinityMask tweak.  I heard it really does not work in FSX or, for some reason it works for some but not for others.  It's one of those tweaks that if you use the wrong parameters for how your BIOS is setup, it will cause problems.  I would comment it out and let FSX restart without loading it once (place two slashes in front of it and it will not load).  That way it is still there but not loading.  You want to test.


The BufferPools tweak is well known for causing all kinds of stability problems.  It should only be used if you are using a lot of Autogen; otherwise, dump it.  Again, comment it out too and see if it makes a difference.  The AVSIM FSX Configuration Guide provides more information about this so-called tweak.


Whenever you get anomalies in FSX after just reinstalling Windows and FSX, rebuild your fsx.cfg by moving your fsx.cfg to another temporary folder.  Try to keep your settings near the default (yes I know, ugh!).  Does the stutters still occur around the FlightBeam airports?  If not, then suspect something inside the fsx.cfg.  If you are looking for a magic wand that will fix all of your stutters, it is highly unlikely that will happen (although my first recommendation to disable all of your startup programs just might do it!!).  Unfortunately you have to investigate your crime scene and find the culprit that is causing you all of your frustrations.  You will eventually find it though.


Hope this helps.


Best regards,

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You might want take a look at this forum page that has my suggestion to watch a video just posted to see if this might be a solution for your issues. It fixed quite a number on my system because of being able to pick and choose which tweaks, scenery, aircraft, and add-ons that I wanted to run with each situation or flight. Contrary to what others have said in this posting it does not over wright your existing FSX files. It copies them into each new situation you build so you can change parameters without disturbing the original files in FSX. Scroll down to "fisheye" entry with the video link on YouTube. Hope this helps you as much as it did for me. It also fixed my blurrys and my frame rates are up a bit as a side effect for some reason. fisheye


SIMstarter posted on Avsim Forum

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