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Time Compression and ASN Wind Uplink

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Hello Guys.


this is my First posting on Avsim cause my English is not he best.  Hope you Understand me and can maby help !



I Fly the PMDG 777-200LR   and use ActiveSykyNext. Alson i use the Wind Uplink Function.


I Want to make Long Turns from Europe to the USA for example EDDM Munich - KJFK Kennedy.   But i need to skip a liitle bit time with the Time Compression cause my reallife is bussy and i cant seat 10 Houres on my Computer....


Also i need some Information how ASN Wind data in the FMC from PMDG 777 works when i do Time Compression 4x .



I Read that ASN gives Wind data for Far away Waypoints NOT in form of the  actual wind at the moment of making the Flightplan. ASN makes a kind of Forecast with help of the loadet Flightplan in ANS and my proxied Cruisespeed and calculate when i´m ETA on the Woyypoint.




2.) When I use Time Compression its maby not important if  the Winds are forcasted or live.   I will reach the Waypoint not at the correct Realtime.  Also the Wind-data is in both ways not corect. 

  I decidet to fix that Problem and looking forward to make a "Reqest wind Data" from time to time.   (Maby every 30 Minutes Realtime or 2 Houre of Sim-Time with 4x Timecompression)

Ah that point my second Question:     Does ASN know where i´m located at the moment of a new Data Reques??  Or does ASN just calculate the time since my last request and think i´m on the Position who i where without time Compression. 



3)   At last.  What do you guys think is the best way to use the Wind forecast Uplink from ASN/PMDG with working with time Compression while long journeys.  Is my opinion with a update by the mfc avery 30 Minutes a good idea or ist it not possible to make flights with time Compression.



Thank You !


Greets Peter Lang    Location EDDM  Munich

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