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PMDG NGX and shadows with jagged/shimmering edges

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Is there anyway to get rid of the jagged/shimmering edges of the shadows? I've tried playing around with the Shadow Bias setting increasing it from the default value of 0.5 but to no avail.


Here's a link to a video showing what I'm talking about and the aircraft is the NGX as mentioned in the subject.


This is what my shadow options look like



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The movement you see comes mainly from variations in the matrices to simulate airframe vibration combined with the limitations of calculating shadows in real time.


Turning the engines off may help although that isn't ideal for powered flight ;-)


If you do so you will then see a slower movement which comes from the simulation of the rotation of the earth on the position of the sun.


You have a very high shadow boost which is accentuating the effect by making the shadow edge very prominent - lowering it will give a softer edge.

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Share on other sites this case the aircraft was in a cold & dark state with the engines shutdown so shouldn't be that much vibrations from the airframe nor the engines :wink:


Thanks for the tip regarding the shadow boost setting. I got this from another user but will try and play around with this setting a bit.


All in all this is a minor issue, I'm just happy to finally have shadows in the NGX :smile:

Might also add that I don't see the shimmering effect if I keep the viewpoint still, it's only when I pan around moving the viewpoint that the edges of the shadows start shimmering. The jagged edges are there all the time though even when I keep the viewpoint completely still.

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