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Scenery and ATC Questions

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Hi all,


I'm building a new PC, and it's gonna be pretty powerful (Not just for FSX, but a variety of different things and games as well).




FSX is getting its own WD Black Hard Drive

Zotac GTX980 Amp Edition

Looking for some suggestions/advice here.


I'm thinking about buying GEX along with UTX and SceneryTech. Now, will these update the airports in FSX as well with the new runways/runway numbers/etc? Or do I have to get all that seperately? If so, is there somewhere that sells packs of all the airports in a country and/or region, ie North America? I got the PMDG 737 recently, and plan on getting the 747 next followed by the 777... so I'm planning on using the up-to-date NavData. Also going to be getting ActiveSky Next.


Now. As far as ATC goes... which mod should I get? Would like something that can handle SIDs and STARs as well as emergency landings... most of the topics that I've seen on this subject were from like two years ago, but I'm pretty sure that the playing field for ATC mods has most likely changed since then. I know about VoxATC and am considering it, but does anyone know of a good one that's just menu based/not voice based? And will the ATC sync up with the updated scenery and airport taxiways/terminals/runways/etc?


Also, if someone knows of a better regional scenery/mesh add-on product than the ones that I listed that I could get without murdering my bank account and wallet too much more, please let me know.


Thanks!  ^_^

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Vox ATC does not have to use voice control, It can be used purely as a button controlled application along with a FO.

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I have been using Pro Flight Emulator (PFE) together with FDC Live Cockpit (FDC) for a number of years now and I can highly recommend them. PFE replaces the default ATC and includes many voice sets with different English accents, taxi guidance system both verbal and visual and many other improvements. FDC acts as a copilot, performing checklists ext. also has cabin crew announcements, again with different accents. You can buy them individualy or together. They have been tweaked to work together.

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