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ATC Instruction Issue

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Hi All,


Have a strange one and hop you can help :)


I am rubbish at Stars and Sids but that isn't the problem, but I also like to Fly IFR Flight plans as the ATC direct me on take off and line me up for approaches.  Up until recently I was Doing this method of flying in My Avro and really enjoyed it.  The avro allows you to upload FSX default flight plans so it made things very easy.


I then decided to move onto something more modern and after purchasing a nice Airbus add on pack, I spent 4 or 5 days just messing about with it to learn to fly before starting serious flying.


First problem I ran into was the fact you could not upload a defaut FSX flight plan in the MCD which after searching the we I found the solution.


I went to http://onlineflightplanner.org/ made a flight plan and then downloaded both a PLN (FSX Flightplan) and FLP (Airbus) flightplan

So now my ATC flight plan and the one on the plane matched and everything was great.........until


I was planning my flight back from Inverness EGPE to Bristol EGGD.  Set the MCD up with my company flight plan (the flp FILE) and set the FSX flight plan up and go ATC IFR Clearance.


Took off from Rwy 27 at runway heading and waited for Heading and alt instructions.  Alt instructions followed along with "Change Heading to 145"   Followed instructions although it was heading me away from my flightplan and not towards it.  No further heading instruction but alt instruction were given and I reached cruising height.


Became a bit confused why ATC was directing south off the east coast if the UK when both my Airbus flightplan and the loaded FSX one had a flightplan down the west coast over wales.


After forever and off the coast of Newcastle, I had enough an manually set my heading to 275 and an intercept to my actual flightplan (by now I was 200 miles away from it).  For the next 30 mins whilst I flew across the UK the ATC kept telling me to expidite my turn to 145 (i.e towards france).


I could not see what is wrong, I think its an issue with the FSX Flight plan loaded but have no idea how to fix it.  I notices that when I load the FSX flight plan where it normally says "Active Runway" it says "Unknown" instead.  If I change that to active runway it will then give me a different flight plan and one that no longer matched the one on the airbus.


My route from Bristol to Inverness did not have the same problem and my routed to and from Malaga was fine as well

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Default ATC will neither assign SIDs nor STARs. After takeoff it's 'Direct to'.


If you want to have ATC with SIDs and STARs take a look at VoxATC. (There's a Vox subforum here on AVSIM, too.)

What happened to AVSIM

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