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FS9-Hamilton Ontario, to Moncton heading east during climb out, morning...

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Waiting for my wife's turn to line up...roll, rotate, climb-out,...and New Brunswick in a couple of hours, .... (WestJet has a regular service between these two airports twice a day.) Two years ago, I rode my Goldwing out from Michigan to meet her, as she crossed the border and drove to Hamilton along Hy 403, and took this very flight out to Moncton Intl.  I rode out two days before the flight, and met her there, loaded her Goldwing travel bag into the right rear luggage compartment, took her full-face helmet from out of the top trunk, both connected our intercom's, and off we were for the 20 miles or so to the border of Nova Scotia. We did all of Nova Scotia, including the fabulous Cape Breton Island tour...and then I rode back to the airport two weeks later...did a kiss and drop off at the curb...and later watched her WestJet flight take off. She can't ride the miles with me to a major terminus to tour, so we have worked out this method...she flies out to where we shall tour...and I ride the Wing...to meet the flight. It works out great!  So...here she is, ready to take off...for that later motorcycle tour around the fabled Cape Breton Island.... :wink: Our next fly-and-meet is to tour British Columbia, Hell's Kitchen (the Fraser River), and then towards Alaska. I have a friend (owns a BMW tour'er) who he and his wife just did that tour last August...and raved about it for two weeks, straight!



Picture sequence '6' and'8' shows/displays some tile mismatching, but this is what I am trying to diminish. Some you can't...so you live with it. FS9 sure looks better than stock...that's for sure.  Evo also had some tiles that butts heads...you can't have a truly seamless experience, unless you can get a product that is entirely written for world coverage, and each tile was custom designed to match the next and so on. It also could be the FS9 graphic engine and land-class call. Still looks better than stock.... 


CPU: i7-975 Extreme


Motherboard: 12 GB's of premium fast clocked 3 channel RAM, into a custom Asus/ made-for-Dell


I have too many programs in play here (ground textures, mesh, water, airport textures, sky textures, cloud textures) to list them all that are installed, and to help render these scenes, but most are the heavy hitters that anybody by today's date and time, and is running FS9, already has also in play.  I hope you enjoy the flight....




































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Thanks...some of getting there is a genuine P.I.T.A....but if you plug away..FS9 can really be dressed up to meet the 2015's...:)  Forgot to mention that I am also using ASE exclusively in FS9 mode for weather injection. It takes some time to inject..but then does a fine job of it...powering REX2004 OverDrive cloud and sky textures.

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And for ground Textures?. Great shots BTW

A hybird mix and match...GE Pro, BEV, free ware.  A dog's breakfast... :)

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