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  1. Hi, I've gone through many pages here and cant find the answer, OpusFSI does not see joystick/yoke button assignments but does see keyboard assignments. I use FSUIPC for everything, does that matter? Thanks
  2. MSE is just about dead last in effectiveness, I would not trust it. I use ESET and it is very good. PC magazine rates Webroot very well, I may consider it on another PC to see just how good it is, the main program is apparently less than 1 meg is size!
  3. I do find the answer rude, there are alternatives to give the same answer. It always blows me away to see forum reactions to certain things, I'm sure there is a very nice person at the other end. Would we address him that way face to face? unlikely;) but easy to do behind a keyboard.
  4. 757 or Embraer 170/190 or a good CRJ700
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