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  1. Stable, I never do experimental in anything. Anyhow, don't matter, the drive has been reformatted and I'm moving on to better things to do with my time. My biggest consolation to this day is that in 2 years I bought 1 add ons, just glad I did not sink much cash into it, hurts less but in CDN money the sim was $180
  2. Well it's not like I've not been around software in my lifetime, I've seen and touched pretty complex stuff. There's always something and when that happens the first thing people say is empty your community folder...LOL. It's more fun to fly honestly than thinkering all afternoon and trying to figure if an addon or livery is causing a problem.
  3. Well there's always something, just had my fill.
  4. No matter what I do, will not work. So I decided to fly without, setup the FBW A32X, started programming the FMS, I walk away to get something comeback and lo and behold I'm on the desktop. Done with this sim, I'm freeing up the drive for something, it's sad because I built this powerful machine just for this. Oh well it works like a charm for my other sims.
  5. Hi, if I import a Simbrief plan into the FBW A32X do I still need to load it into the sim as well? in other words will the sim ATC know of the plan if I only do it through the FMS? Thanks
  6. Well this is pointless, simply will not work. I'm guessing Simconnect was never really intended to work with this sim.
  7. I'm trying to use my android tablet and the FSWidget Gmap app with FS2020, simconnect is a requirement but the connection fails. The tablet is configured to point at the PC, address and port. Anyone here has experience with that one? how to configure etc? Are there different versions of simconnect?
  8. I have a Ryzen 9 3950X with 2070S as well, impact should be minimal then
  9. What is the impact on framerate with the GTN 750, if any? Thanks
  10. I'm so hesitant due to FPS, I have a Ryzen 9 3950X with 32g of ram and a 2070 Super and it would really tick me off if I got low FPS when the rest of my planes run in the 60s and higher.
  11. nothing in my community folder, I refuse for that very reason
  12. LOL...do the update, start the game, created a flight, walk away for 5 minutes to get a tea, comeback and it's CTD!! What a piece of..............
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