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  1. I still have money on a PMDG detailed Wright Flyer... #BackToBasics
  2. Hm, my AS Connect is giving me an error that it is not made for this build. Downloading a hotfix from HiFi.
  3. First thing I could think of when I first heard of 64-bit sim: Weathering effects on aircraft. After continuous flights using the same plane in the sim, windows, fuselage gets dirtier and dirtier. Like, Air France 777-200 dirty! It would be one of those small details that just increase the sim experience. That's just one thing I can image 64-bit allowing. I'd like a peak into the imagination of PMDG though.
  4. Just a FYI, the website still says "This is compatible only with Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D. (v2.4-v3.x)." Thank you guys!
  5. Guess its time to whip the card out again... said it before, I'll say it again, WORTH IT! A splendid time is guaranteed for all.
  6. Just purchased P3D and it is amazing. It's going to hurt dearly having to re-purchase all the PMDG fleet...will be worth it. Time to work overtime.
  7. Anybody with an RX480 8GB or similar? Slowly but sadly returns to FSX:SE
  8. I don't understand the concept of a fully modeled cabin for flight sim, I'll list MY pros and cons... I would take ground vehicles or highly detailed cockpits/aircraft over them any day. Cons of having a virtual cabin: Increases performance requirements (Main Reason CS products are so GPU thirsty) Can't really do anything with it, it's static, no benefit from it operational wise. Uses resources that can be utilized elsewhere for other systems/models while still maintaining good performance (The secret to PMDG 747 ii perf. success? o.o ) Pros of having a virtual cabin: You can see all the people who love to fly with you as their Captain. Cheers.
  9. Compatibility

    What about Abacus 787? :( I flies it all times long hall .
  10. FSX-MS

    Cost Index is entirely decided by the dispatcher but PIC has final word for a change. For the flight I dispatch it can range from 20 - 200 but I'd say 80 is the "base" Two scenarios you can use from these lists of average CI for a sim flight: I'll use CI 20 as example. IF Connection pax may be delayed/Need to make-up flight time = higher cost index (Say 80 or 120) IF Need to use as little fuel as possible to take more payload/NO weather abnormalities/obstructions that will impact flight time (IE Jet streams, Fronts..)= lower cost index (Say 20) CI is a big part of the flight planning procedure and impacts the route greatly, and there are many variables to plan the correct one and get the most from a flight. But again, ultimately, it's up to the PIC.
  11. This is what I think EVERYONE needs to understand.
  12. I'm sure the PMDG staff is aware of how the aviation world operates, so I must ask thee question: Do simmers with high seniority in the sim world get a discount? On a serious note, For sure converting over to P3D, so happy to see so many developers fully committed to the new sim.
  13. **LEAKED IMAGE OF PMDG NEXT PROJECT TEMPLATE*** Please don't share outside group, many birds were lost retrieving this information. The FLAPenning.