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  1. This is what I think EVERYONE needs to understand.
  2. I'm sure the PMDG staff is aware of how the aviation world operates, so I must ask thee question: Do simmers with high seniority in the sim world get a discount? On a serious note, For sure converting over to P3D, so happy to see so many developers fully committed to the new sim.
  3. **LEAKED IMAGE OF PMDG NEXT PROJECT TEMPLATE*** Please don't share outside group, many birds were lost retrieving this information. The FLAPenning.
  4. So happy someone actually got it...was thinking people would find me illiterate.
  5. Wouldn't change a thing! #NoRagrets
  6. Worth every penny, I promise. No ragrets.
  7. Companies don't just slap their name on products for nothing, especially one as big as Lockheed Martin.
  8. Xplane is a completely different breed of simulators. That would take an immaculate amount of time to convert everything.
  9. Looking forward to much future business with PMDG, strong supporter here! Cheers.
  10. W10 FSX-SE

    Definitely re-assign all your axis just to be safe. I had this problem when the power went out, and my PC restarted. Also happens when USB comes loose or disconnects. I had this problem and thought I was going mad...slammed my feet down on my pedals and my yoke jerked hard left. My Eureka moment!
  11. This is really is great for the sim world! Hip hip!
  12. I will agree on that! lol I guess its a personal preference...I think they fit the 737 well.
  13. Well, Scimitars improve fuel efficiency, which would require less fuel on board, reducing fuel weight, allowing for better takeoff performance on hot days or fields with shorter runway lengths. It may not sound like much, but even a couple or a few hundred pounds of less fuel makes a difference in flight planning. LED Landing/Taxi Lights are also less polluted than the current ones, so night ops are improved/easier to operate in.