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  1. Hopefully they pick up the Enigma 737
  2. I would LOVE a -200/ER. Iconic, popular and fun. If not, a 767 :)
  3. Thank you EVERYONE for your responses! I am fiddling with the AA settings and considering doing a few things from the Windows 10 links just for my own convenience. I really appreciate the input. Cheers!
  4. Can you really compare an A320 to 777 development? Might as well compare the A2A Cessna 172 to PMDG. Too many limitations on an aircraft this scale.
  5. Hey everyone! After many, many hours of overtime, I just recently made an upgrade (To give my little brother my old rig) and the OS is Windows 10 (yuck #WIndows7forever). Specs are: i7-7700K (No OC) MSI GTX1070 8GB 16GB DDR4-3200 LED 1920x1080@60Hz Anyone with a similar setup, I'm new to Windows 10, and honestly the P3D deal entirely...i;ve been with MSFS since 2001. I'll try all opinions on what I should do based off your own experiences. What should I do in the P3D.CFG? (Affinity Mask, line edits, etc...) Specific sim settings? Any changes I should do to Windows 10? What should I have for dinner tonight? Literally anything to optimize my experience? Many thanks to my fellow simmers.
  6. Tell the passengers to sit on the right. More than likely, a discrepancy is in your control axis setup.
  7. Thank you! Now I can truly simulate late connection baggage delays.
  8. Hey David! There are considerable differences between ALL of the 777 models. Not sure where the resources are online to prove and support this.
  9. I had a checklist I asked the test pilot, whatever he managed to give me, is what I put on. Honestly can't remember about the heights, but I would say mine is 90% accurate. This is a dynamic performance decision, up to the PIC every flight. You choose! Although, I do notice many UA 77W flights landing with 25 here at IAH.
  10. Honestly the 200/ER-300 series would be the best option for them, they have all the resources and the audience for it. Just a matter of development time. I have a fund in my annual budget for PMDG so, I'll wait!
  11. I had included accurate configuration in my repaint pack in the library. Based off of N2331U, three weeks before first revenue flight.
  12. It does not, but if you like, open the window and stick a flash light out in the direction desired. Proceed as normal.
  13. Doubt it. X Plane is even more different than P3Dv1,2...4../FSX combined. It would take an entire new development phase to do it...simmers can't even hold on for a few months for an update.
  14. Honestly a 767 would be fantastic, especially all of the -200/-300/-400 series. I wouldn't be surprised if PMDG announced it...Loving their brown cockpits.
  15. Which ground scenery/mesh is that? I need!