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  1. Very simple, FlightAware for route, simbrief to create brief package. I will use SkyVector for Charts and google if I can't find international ones. In short,FlightAware gives good estimations and SimBrief is very accurate on assisting with final preps and all the little details (Step CLimbs, ETOPS, FIR boundry times etc..). I honestly prefer it over a dispatcher myself, SimBrief feels like home.
  2. I know read from a very prominent Asian Airlines' AOM that anything higher than FL410 requires at least one cockpit crew to wear an oxygen mask.
  3. The 777 is a beast when it comes to takeoff capabilites, but that does not mean it can climb directly to cruise any means. The flight I dispatch (KIAH-RJAA) has AT LEAST 4 step climbs before reaching final cruise (FL380/390). And usually, the final step climb is two hours from TOD. There are weather variables that you must also consider, headwinds, temperature, etc... USUALLY, a good step climb begins at FL 300/310/320 and as your fuel decreases, you go up from there. It is a simple concept but people think because FMC says yes, the answer should also be yes. A good pilot will give himself safety buffers. I personally do not like high angles of attack at cruise, so I always go with best performance, not the convenient will find many in real life who also do this.
  4. Big performance difference. Just as there is between a 772 and 773ER. The engines alone as Kyle mentioned give it an entire different performance profile.
  5. I called it a while ago. Please add realistic bug splatter effects in VC mode.
  6. Some fun routes I love to do using PACOTS... KIAH-RJAA/RJTT KSFO-RJAA/RJTT They're very fun and it tests your flight planning abilities! Lots of ETOPS Alts to choosefrom for all ETOPS restrictions. #MakePACOTSGreatAgain
  7. Sorry you will have to wait. They are most likely in works of the most detailed and dynamically accurate possible Wright-Flyer in the sim world(Yes, possibly better than the FS9 one). Until after they work all the kinks and and bugs in that, maybe we will get a glimpse of their next project.
  8. This dude... He's right tho.
  9. There are no words or videos to describe how everything is here. I've been helping with victims since yesterday morning and they keep coming. I am one of the lucky few who didn't get any water in my home however many many of my friends are homeless. There simply are no words.
  10. It was indeed Indeed it was...No weather engine can replicate what happened here.
  11. #MakePACTOSGreatAgain
  12. Very nice! Learning ETOPS was my favorite part of training and definitely the most useful and organized tool. If all long-haul simmers could take the time to learn and plan according to these rules, there is no such thing as a "boring flight!"