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  1. I'm guessing it will be one of these: Or an update to the NGX Cheers.
  2. General?

    Just keep in mind XPlane and MS:FS are completely different. I personally feel I'd have to re-learn all my techniques when I flew the XP11 Demo.
  3. General?

    I am sticking with FSX:SE until a year or so after P3D 4.0 is released and STABLE. Since it's a new sim, I expect 3rd party developer addons and the sim itself to have many faults, and I know eventually it will all run smoothly.
  4. There is quite a bit of hissing, and air sounds from the avionics in the cockpit. PMDG did very well recreating this. After a while in the real one, it becomes a white noise. I'm satisfied with the noise level inside the plane. Louder = Better!
  5. Signatures are a fun way of following rules! #MakeSignaturesGreatAgain
  6. Find the passenger and remove him from the flight immediately. Proceed on course.
  7. Right seat every now and then, sometimes there are Cockpit crews of 2+ Captains ;)
  8. I think that it's a bit unnecessary to have the wingtip visible from the VC. I mean, you probably turn your head 170 degrees to look back there what, maybe once or twice to look for traffic. But its a waste of performance. The lighting is just an effect hard-wire rendered into the whole sim, so that will be visible no matter where, in any aircraft.
  9. It's a conspiracy, they're developing the next generation of Free-Moving camera system for the next-gen sim. Pigeon: The Ultimate Camera System. "Get the angles only a birds eyes have." Features: -Individual feathers for added stabilization. -Realistic chirps for camera shutter. I'd save my money if I were you.
  10. Scimitar, LED lights (slightly blue hue to taxi/landing lights / re-sequence flash), cabin mood interior lights on most new aircraft. But Scimitars change the performance quite a bit, so that would be the biggest update/addition to the NGX. Hopefully they will consider it, scimitars took over here in Houston!
  11. 1. You're flying a heavy aircraft, one of the heaviest in the world. 2. Trim, trim trim! 3. Practice doing full visual approaches with the MCP completely unlit to get a feel for the aircraft ;) She's fun to fly once you understand the dynamics and flight control surfaces.
  12. What I THINK: Wright Flyer II What I WANT: Wright Flyer III Jk, I would purchase a 767-400 or ior NGX reboot with all the new goodies on board.
  13. Some pilots who use it that I have spoken to say it's very accurate but "Nothing match the real thing." So, I'll take this bird and fly it as intended by PMDG. BRGDS
  14. And this is the part that people don't get. FDE's are a pain in the tail to get right.