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  1. Greetings everyone! To make a long story short, I've always wanted to do a fleet project, and I have started by working on the All Nippon Airways 777-300ER fleet. I will be making them as accurate as possible as I have access to primary internal resources (Unfortunately I cannot share with anyone ;( ) but I will do my best to make them as accurate as possible. As PMDG prepares to rollout the -200/ER, I will do those aircraft accordingly. Enjoy! I have no experience with PBR, so when the time comes, I may ask anyone who is willing to assist once that update is public. I can't wait to give you all the most accurate depiction of this beautiful fleet. Details which will be on each aircraft: Accurate SELCAL VC placard for each tail number. Minor cockpit details unique to each aircraft (Pretty much uniform throughout the fleet). External details based on photos from before most aircraft were put in storage due to 2020 situation. Window configurations depending on the cabin configuration. Correct Engine Spinner and Wing Paint customized per aircraft. NGS stickers on the belly. Cockpit configurations accurate per aircraft. Many small details, I encourage you to regularly check the google doc link for consistent updates. Please see this google sheet for updates:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing Dropbox download link: Clicky Here ( All updates will be posted through here )AVSIM Library: https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=219116 ( No updates available from here )
  2. 777-200/ER and -300 would be their money maker this year. But probably a 737 MAX. Right now it's stilla bit new even in real world...I wouldn't expect it from PMDG any time soon.
  3. I do hate how VA's set this "Soft landing" tone with competitions and rewards for ridiculously low landing rates. A lot of times people take away the realism by over flaring and floating their plane nearly halfway down the runway with the nosegear still up. Iv'e even heard people criticize REAL PILOTS because they think real planes fly exactly like simulator ones and they say "I've never landed this hard with clear weather in FSX blah blah blah." I've seen in person many 777's land soft with all types of angles of attack...it depends on so many variables and makes it difficult to follow a "Good Landing Checklist" to get that perfect landing. Practice practice practice with all the tips you have been given and really get to know how your plane flies. At the end of it all, it comes down to just how well you know your aircraft under certain weather, payloads and conditions etc.. This goes for ANY airplane. Don't let anybody tell you did a bad landing just because you can't hit -20 fps...but also don't let anyone tell you you're a good one if you slam it into the ground.
  4. Thank you for sharing this with us. We are all on different sides of the world, but we all share the same passion that makes us as a family: Aviation. Those not inside this industry, real or simulated, will never understand how simple the sound of an engine can bring us together and at our best.
  5. I am confused, is this a purchasable Beta still in production or actual release? I love the 757, I've had almost every 757 ever made for ever sim over the years (Posky, PSS,QW am I missing any?) and I have owned many Captain Sim products since I've had FS9 as my primary sim...but, I still feel $75.70 is a irrational price for JUST a single engine variant base package.It almost feels like a slap in the face given how many actual variants of the 757 there are.
  6. What dissapoints me is that they've made an aircraft many people would be excited for and are willing to do anything get make as much of a profit as possible. I mean really? 75.57 for an airplane? They literally pulled that number out of nowhere because of it's relation to the aircraft. I could place bets on what the price would be if they made another 767... This is just for a PW "Base" model. If you look at their 777 line, they really are going to expect many people to buy multiple packages just to complete an aircraft series. I am well aware of the quality differences between developers...I've been through many releases but this one is by far the most absurd for price and actual product. What's worst is they were rationalizing the price by stating "There are over 40+ liveries available..." There are hundreds of GREAT painters who would gladly create free, high quality paints for free for this plane...that shouldn't be used as a promotion to sell to people questioning "Why so much?". I wonder if their GPWS/flight decks aural warnings will be Boeing accurate this time...for $75 I hope they are.
  7. Happy New Year to everyone and all the aviation staff in the world working while everyone partied(or still partying :P ) and is now sleeping!
  8. Ejets took over Houston...I miss the 737C. Loved that whine/humm at start up. 175's are okay, but there's a ridiculous amount here and I'm fed up with the scream jets.
  9. If PMDG took up the Enigma 737, it would be the news of the decade. I have literally all the manuals for that series...it needs to be put to use.
  10. Simply sounds like you entered a strange scenario the plane never had seen before and it panicked. Low CI profiles should help the VNAV determine the climb profile based off of weight in a joint calculation with your thrust setting in the perf page before departure. Performance calculators are usually used before engine start to determine the best/preferred. It could also just be a hidden bug triggered by specific setups.
  11. I believe the only way to do so is, enlarging the screen by clicking on it THEN select checklist mode.
  12. I would LOVE a -200/ER. Iconic, popular and fun. If not, a 767 :)
  13. Thank you EVERYONE for your responses! I am fiddling with the AA settings and considering doing a few things from the Windows 10 links just for my own convenience. I really appreciate the input. Cheers!
  14. Can you really compare an A320 to 777 development? Might as well compare the A2A Cessna 172 to PMDG. Too many limitations on an aircraft this scale.
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