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Thinking about upgrading my 780 card.
But what to do?
Not sure i will do it for "just" a 980.
But what about the Titan X?
That will give me a lot better performance, yes?
But then again, 2x970 is cheaper and performs better?
But then again... i only have PCI 2.0, so perhaps a bottleneck with 2x970?

And IF, i choose a Titan X, should i go 4K Then?

Please join with all you input, i can't figure what to do, and keep in mind this is not just for FSX, but also gaming.

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I scored yesterday


Someone made a booboo at NCIX. They had the superclocked Titan X's up for $1029.99 Canadian, I immediately ordered one. Today they're $1379.99 Canadian.


Like you, I'm currently also using a 780 and with the new Titan X incoming I'm wondering whether I should upgrade to a 2560x1440 g-sync or a 3840x2160 g-sync monitor for my P3Dv2

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I thought about the monitor situation.
4K is high, and if I go with that, i'm forever stuck with getting Ultra high end cards, or switch monitor again.
And how far are 4K at the moment?
Not everything can be run in 4K right?

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Personally I have two 780ti in SLi running an UltraWide LG screen, I've been tossing up upgrading to a Titan X pair but have decided to wait until next gen.


In terms of flight sim Titans don't give much more than what I have and according to the dev road map the next chipsets should be significantly faster than the current crop.


4K will be a real thing in the next gen and I think that upgrading to 4K and then not being able to run things as well as you can in 1440p UWS, 1440p or 1080p will be a real bummer.

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