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  1. Stranger things have happened... Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.
  2. Similar thing happened to me with another piece of software - I ran an installer for it, then realized my mistake and cancelled the install before it went too far. It trashed everything in the directories though in its cleanup so I had a strange half installed setup. Possible this could be your issue?
  3. I know G-sync doesn't work under 30 and that monitors with G-sync have a range where G-sync works optimally. As far as I have read over 40fps is the sweet spot. Unlocked would be a better test more than likely like you said. Ken
  4. Except for G-sync in a window which affects P3D
  5. I really thought G-sync was not very effective at below 40 frames from all the literature I've read. Are you sure you're experiencing what you should be? Ken
  6. Agree - on the not FPS rubbish ;-) looks awesome!
  7. Personally I have two 780ti in SLi running an UltraWide LG screen, I've been tossing up upgrading to a Titan X pair but have decided to wait until next gen. In terms of flight sim Titans don't give much more than what I have and according to the dev road map the next chipsets should be significantly faster than the current crop. 4K will be a real thing in the next gen and I think that upgrading to 4K and then not being able to run things as well as you can in 1440p UWS, 1440p or 1080p will be a real bummer.
  8. I prefer the feel of it over 4k - 4k to me is just a bigger screen it doesn't have that epic panoramic feel, the field of view is awesome in 21:9. Also its a bit easier to drive the screen resolution and get decent performance. Even with Titan X GPU's you'll struggle to maintain 60fps in plenty of titles. Yes you can tweak your 4k to feel panoramic fine, but my personal choice will always be ultrawide going forward. There are 4K 21:9 screens coming soon too!
  9. I also control my EzDok manually with a desktop shortcut. Gets around this issue... losing keyboard commands seems to be linked at least for me to using the ATC panel in P3D. I've stopped using that and now I never have that issue. I actually prefer to run all my addons manually, UT2 is another I just start when I'm ready. If it loads in exe.xml you can load it manually yourself generally.
  10. Thanks for the advice Jeroen
  11. Don't believe everything you read. Academic papers and studies are setup to get results on hypotheses. You can prove anything if you have the right set of circumstances. Look deeper into those papers and specifically those who were studied and you will find deeper underlying issues completely not associated with the forms of entertainment they chose. And in terms of OP - GTA is amazing. The world they have built I could spend hours and hours in...
  12. +1 on wanting to know this. Also looking to get one of the two...
  13. I have a 34UM95 - running 780ti SLI overclocked and there are some things that struggle quite a bit. Monitor is amazing - UltraWS is better than 4K in my opinion. I think you'd have to upgrade your cards though. Good luck with the decision. Ken
  14. So you can't use your flight sim because of some slightly jagged lines? FSX and P3D are different beasts graphically, You cannot say oh because FSX does this P3D should. Get the sim for simming or stick with FSX for straight lines... Most of the suggestions above are the best you can get with P3D until either they implement a new method for us or gfx cards are so powerful that SGSS is not even blinked at...
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