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I hope I can explain this properly As I'm having several issues trying to get simconnect to work that I'm convinced are windows sharing problems

I've shown my various simconnect files to people and they seem to think they are ok but when trying to connect my client pc to the server pc with sim connect they do not work.


My server pc runs windows 7 64bit pro and my client laptop runs win 8.1

On the server pc I have 4 drives but fsx is only efectively on 2 drives the simconnect.xml  the dll and exe files all are in the users part of my c drive the fsx files that simconnect uses are on my L drive which is where I have the "my documents" section of my user logon which is an adminstrative logon.

When it comes to sharing I have set my C drive and L drive to share with full read/write permissions ( at least I think I have) on both these drives my computer shows the little box in the corner with people on them.

but it appears that although i thought this meant that all files and folders are shared I'm now not sure


If I go into the properties of the appdata folder for example and click the sharing tab it says that the folder is shared and the network path shows as \\mainpc\users\username\appdata however if I then click on the advanced sharing tab the box to share this  folder is not ticked but if i try accessing this folder from the client pc I have full read .write access to it

So my question is how on earth do I make these files and folders all accessable with full read/write permissions without having about 8 extra network sharing locations showing on my network I have also added into each end folder that everyone has full read /write. I'm convinced that there is some sort of block between the two pc's that will not allow simconnect to work properly I have tried with the firewall on and off but neither setting will work


Hope someone can make sense of what I'm trying to do



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Hope someone can make sense of what I'm trying to do


I'm not sure.  :)  Are you just trying to set up a share and access files or are you just trying to use simconnect?  As far as I know, simconnect does not require any shares to be set up.  In fact, I just set it up today on my own pc's so that I could network V-Pilot for VATSIM.  I did not have to share anything.  But, I did have to configure simconnect properly on both client and server and allow whatever port I was using thru the firewall.


If you're trying to set up shares, that's an entirely different story and not related to simconnect - I don't think.  What exactly are you trying to use on the client that is wanting to use simconnect?

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