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In my opinion, I have no idea why people choose to purchase other virtual copilot programs over MCE.  The latter is capable of supporting ALL your Aircraft  for an extremely reasonable price; moreover, it offers a mechanism to interact with multiple ATC (e.g. default, PFE or RC4) programs.  The authors routinely make significant FREE updates; to that end, it's being actively developed.  Yet, unlike its competitors, it doesn't charge a cent for "reboots."  MCE also allows you to author your own flows based on your virtual Airlines SOPs.  So, you can simply say "preflight flow" or "single engine shutdown procedure" and your copilot will perform actions specified via the vox script.  There's also a feature that allows you to map a key to initiate a sequence of actions.  Checklist are 100% customizable; again, you're not locked into some "obscure" airliners SOPS.  Instead, you can adhered to your virtual airlines procedures.  This only scratches the surface of what this program is capable of...all of this for a measly $60.00; again, I don't understand the rationale for paying multiple times for essentially the same product.

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