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Turn off Copilot Displays

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I don't have the fastest PC for FSX/P3D so I notice a bit of a FPS difference between the Exterior model and the interior model (even in the LITE version). Is there a way to turn off the copilot's displays (MFD and PFD)? I don't think that there is an easy fix by just pressing a switch in the cockpit, so what is it that I have to delete from the panel.cfg?

I think it should be something in this area.


gauge00=CARPROLINE21!Proline_Config,  0,0,10,10
gauge01=CARPROLINE21!Proline_Common_Update,  0,0,10,10
gauge02=CARPROLINE21!Proline_C_Patch,  0,0,10,10
gauge03=CARPROLINE21!HS25B_pfd,       0, 0, 512, 636
gauge04=CARPROLINE21!HS25B_mfd_pilot,     512, 0, 512, 636
gauge05=EFIS850XP!EFIS_VC,       0,634, 382, 358
gauge06=GAUGE850XP!Radio_CTL_COMNAV,      393,638, 300, 324
gauge07=HS45BCAR!ToggleCARPFD,           64, 0, 484,  64
gauge08=HS45BCAR!ToggleCARMFD,          576, 0, 484,  64
gauge09=H25B_Cabin_alt!C340_PRESS,  0,0,1,1
gauge10=CarSound_850XP!CarSound,           2,2,5,5
gauge11=CarSound_850XPCALL!CarSound,           2,2,5,5
gauge12=CARH850_PROLINE21!PROLINE21,           0,0,1,1

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Not in that section.


There should be a mfd_copilot gauge. Might be under another Vcockpit section.


You may wish to leave on your copilot MFD as it displays relevant fuel quantities.

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The copilot MFD is a copy of the pilot MFD, as best I can tell.


I do not believe you can turn it off.  The instruments are displayed separately.

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