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Ezdok and GSX

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Just got GSX for P3D 2.5 yesterday. 

Sounds like once GSX is being activated, all EZDOK (1.18 beta) user-assigned keyboard combinations stop working. Is there any remedy for that?



PS. Posted on their support forum, but still no answer



PSS: The problem has been solved

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While using GSX press Ctrl-F12 for a second time and key combinations for EZDOK will return

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Try to changing GSX key assignments from Ctrl+F12 to other combination no containing F12 key.

I did GSX assignment to 1+Tab and when I did it EZCA started to work normally.

Althought I didn´t have any EZCA key assignment with F12 key, for some strange reason having EZCA and GSX installed in P3D v.2.5 when GSX is called to work stops EZCA.

In this way I resolved this issue.

I hope this will serve you. 


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