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View snapping back to center in VC

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Hi All

I have a weird issue that i heave searched all over for the answer for to no avail.

I am mainly in the VC like most people seem to be, however when in mouse look mode (holding the space) the view always snaps back to the center view on the horizontal axis only, the vertical axis is behaving like normal.


This is not the case when the game is paused, If i pause the game us use the mouse look mode, it works fine and stays panned to where i was looking. This should be the normal function as i understand, then hitting backspace would center your view


I have checked my Cameras.cfg file, it seems correct concerning the Snap and Pan parameters of the config file.


Title = Virtual Cockpit
Guid = {C95EAB58-9E4A-4E2A-A34C-D8D9D948F078}
Description = This is the description of the virtual cockpit view.
Origin = Virtual Cockpit
MomentumEffect = Yes
SnapPbhAdjust = Ordinal
SnapPbhReturn = False
PanPbhAdjust = Swivel
PanPbhReturn = False
Track = None
ShowAxis = YES
AllowZoom = TRUE
InitialZoom = 0.3
SmoothZoomTime = 2.0
ZoomPanScalar = 1.0
ShowWeather = Yes
XyzAdjust = TRUE
Category = Cockpit
Does anyone have any suggestions because its making Factracking impossible, as i look left or right for the camera to pan, it snaps back to the center creating a real issue visually.
I have also tried different aircraft, all the same result. 
Running the Steam Version of FSX , not that that should make any difference
Any suggestions appreciated

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SnapPbhAdjust = Ordinal

Try changing this to...


SnapPbhAdjust =Swivel




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