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  1. Ken, The 3D model of the tower and the Tower Viewpoint are two separate elements. In ADE the Tower Viewpoint is a pink circle with a red "T" in it. Double click on it and you can set the view point height above ground level. As for being "inside the control tower", I hope you are not expecting to see the inside of the control tower as that is not usually modeled. regards, Joe
  2. You are not limited to the number of installs. All you need to do is call the automated phone line and have Microsoft reset your activation. The phone number to call is in an XML document in your root FSX folder named Phone Activation.xml. You can open it with notepad. Don't forget to apologize to the machine when you call it. regards, Joe
  3. +1 on the nVidia plugin. No you don't. Do a Save As... and there is no need to flatten layers. Having personally made the mistake of saving as a .PSD after flattening I will never again flatten my images, never. Simply can't go thru the recovery time again, caused by banging my head on a hard surface after losing all of my layers. regards, Joe
  4. That is not true, there are some addons for FSX Boxed that do not work in FSX Steam because Steam is "recompiled". Not all developers have updated their addons to work in Steam, some never will. regards, Joe
  5. Nothing mystical or magical about it. If you have one section of texture mapped to both sides of the plane, one side will be mirrored. There is nothing that can be done except either live with it or change your design. regards, Joe
  6. Those gauges should all be in ...\Flight Simulator 9\Gauges. First make sure you still have that folder and that it has not been renamed or moved. Your best bet would be to extract that folder from your FS9 discs and compare contents. You can find great instructions on how to do that here- http://www.cat-tamer.com/flightsim/faq001.html regards, Joe
  7. After "Loading" the GPS 20 approach into TRK and given "direct AWEGA" the procedure would be... 1) press the FPL button 2) press the CRSR button 3) scroll down to AWEGA 4) Press the MENU button You will be asked if you want to "Activate leg?", press ENT This should take you to AWEGA, or at least to the leg leading to AWEGA, which will eventually get you there. Or, once you activate the approach in the GPS you should go direct to the initial fix, which in this case is AWEGA. BTW, this is explained in the Learning Center. regards, Joe
  8. When you save a texture with mipmaps it will contain progressively smaller copies of the texture within the same file. So a 1024x1024 texture with mips will also contain a 512x512 version, a 256x256 version, a 128x128 version, etc. The version that the sim uses depends on a few things, mostly the distance from a surface of the model to the sim camera. In fact you have to be surprisingly close to a surface to see the texture at it's full resolution. If you position the sim camera on the wingtip of the default C172 in a way that you can look down the length of the wing you will see the full res on the near wingtip yet on the far wingtip you will be seeing one of the lower res mips. How these different res images get blended is affected by your filtering setting in the sim. The theory is that the sim can save resources by not needing to display the full res on an object that is far enough away from the camera as to only cover a small amount of pixels on your screen. Unfortunately the sim is overaggressive in it's use of mips to the point of having user aircraft appear blurry due to the sim using lower res mips. This can be mitigated a bit by zooming in real close then zooming back out. This is a short term fix that can be avoided by not saving your user aircraft textures with mipmaps. Most modern hardware see no to little performance improvement with the use of mips, at the cost of very visible quality degradation. Save mips for AI aircraft and static scenery objects. regards, Joe
  9. I took a look at this addon and you are not missing any textures. Those objects do not have any textures mapped to them, only colors. Seems like they forgot to finish this one. Before you ask, without the author's source code we have no way to fix this other than recreate the objects from scratch. regards, Joe
  10. Sounds like the classic "I forgot to vertically flip my .DDS files again". regards, Joe
  11. http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=170949
  12. Liveries are hard to find because they never released a paint kit for the plane and the livery packs aren't all that expensive. regards, Joe
  13. No disrespect Bert, just to be clear, any .bgl files added to folders in Addon Scenery\scenery need to be declared in the Scenery Library. That is, ...\Addon Scenery\scenery\abcd.bgl does not need to be added to the Scenery Library. However, ...\Addon Scenery\scenery\ABCD\scenery\abcd.bgl does need to be declared in the Scenery Library. In the past there have been those that thought any .bgl in Addon Scenery\scenery would be active regardless of whether it was in another folder set or not. regards, Joe
  14. waterconstants.xml lives in the root FSX folder. regards, Joe
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