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  1. Install FSX SP2 SimConnect here: https://www.littlenavmap.org/downloads/SimConnect/ Will running this fix allow me to run LNM on P3D and (fs2000 without stutters)?
  2. It's weird that some are working. I'm leaning towards a simconnect issue or FS2020 being installed on a different drive. How do we investigate simmconnect issues? What versions are working and how do we update them if needed? Any simmconnect help out there?
  3. Alex, I could use LNM without any issues during the Alpha and Beta, however, since it has released I get constant hesitations when ever I have both running. If I turn off LNM MSFS2020 runs fine. I did load ms2020 on a different drive in a folder I named Microsoft Flight Simulator. Any ideas where the issue may be. LNM is working fine on P3D ver 4.5 Thanks Bill
  4. I have p3dv4 installed on my C drive with multiple Add on planes and scenery, and it's working great. I want to install p3dv5 on my E drive and keep the installs separate so v4 doesn't get messed up. Has anyone done this successfully, and what steps are required to complete the task? I included a list of my addons. Thank you for your assistance......l Addons RealAir Duke and Duke Turbine PMDG 737 and NGXu Aerosoft Airbus Professional 64bit Aerosoft CRJ Kodiak Quest A2A C182 GLJ Model 25 Jet FSUIPC5 F1TGTN Turbine Sound Studio both 600 and 800 immersive Audio NGX ActiveSky P3D and Cloud art FSDreamteam GSX V2 FSDreamteam Memphis VFXCentral PrecipitFX 737 Immersion Navigraph Littlenavmap ORBX lots of areas TOGO Envshade and Envtex New York City X ver 2 New York Airports V2 X (KJFK, KLGA, KTEB) Little Rock airport DRZEWIECKI DESIGN - SEATTLE AIRPORTS X DRZEWIECKI DESIGN - SEATTLE CITY X Flightbeam KSFO Ultimate Traffic Live
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I guess AIG is out..
  6. Is there a way to easily add Alpha India AI into UTL using A12UTL INjector? If so how is it done. Thank you Bill
  7. Question: Is there a way to change the Vatsim active areas overlay color. It's gray now and a little hard to see. Love the product Bill
  8. I'm wanting Trackir and FS2020 to work together so it makes the smoothest head movement possible. Presently in p3d it works good, however, you have to recenter more than I would like to. Also panning sometimes causes slight blurs which I would like to have eliminated. I'm on my 3rd trackir unit so I'm a old Fart just looking forward to the best New Sim possible
  9. Lots of discussion, however, the bottom line is if we don't have Trackir capabilities I'll probably stay with P3D.
  10. Full integration of TrackIR so smooth transitions when panning. Eliminate hesitations and redraws of scenery while panning. Also re centering to initial setting so you don't have to keep re=centering as you pan and fly. Bill
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