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  1. Short version: should a P2A .fms (for Xplane 11) export then import without any omissions into Xplane's FMS? Long version: I used P2A to auto-generate a FP from KSAF to KPHX which it did including 13 waypoints. I then tried exporting this FP from P2A in the fms format for Xplane 11 and was prompted by P2A that it worked. Then, I went to Xplane and loaded that same FP into the Xplane FMS. It loads, but I get only the departure and destination airports, none of the waypoints. I note in the P2A manual it says that user defined WP's are accepted in a .fms export and assume that P2A generated WP's should transfer without problem.
  2. clif9710

    frequency list missing

    Today the frequency list appears as it should. I'll keep the range change in mind if it happens again. Thanks.
  3. On the ground at KPHX. I could get all the map information, see my plane on the taxiway, had weather, runways, etc. but the frequency list was blank. I took off thinking maybe once airborne I'd get the frequency data but nothing appeared. I tried restarting P2A but had the same situation. Without guidance from the frequency list, I could not establish contact with ATC.
  4. clif9710

    dealing with IPv6 address as server

    Great. Thanks again.
  5. The instructions in the P2A manual about inserting one's own internet address in place of the one supplied in order to get rid of the opening advisory is clear. I want to do that. However, I can only find a IPv6 (128 bit) address for my machine and P2A won't accept it, so the pop-up warning still appears.
  6. On longer flights, I often have to leave and return at a later time, shutting down Xplane and P2A in the meantime, sometimes for a day. When I return, having restarted both programs, Xplane has me right back where I was and I can reload the flight plan I had saved in P2A. The problem is that I no longer have contact with ATC, though the correct leg of my P2A flight plan is highlighted. I assume I need to re-file the plan from my current position. My lack of ATC contact is indicated by 1) no text identification of center under the frequency displayed for COM1, though the frequency is correct 2) when I click on the question mark bringing up speech assistant, the drop down is blank, not allowing me to select a type of communication to direct to ATC. How can I resume coms with ATC at the point where I was when I shut down? Upon arrival I was able to contact the tower.
  7. I have never been able to hear the Morse ID on navaids while flying the Xplane default Skyhawk with the Garmin 530. The sound level adjustments, the ID on/off/volume on the 530, making sure the audio panel NAV1 was on...nothing helped nor did I find that anyone else had the problem. I lived with it. Now, using P2A with the same plane/avionics the ID is there at the perfect level, no need to touch the 530. This unexpected benefit is appreciated.
  8. clif9710

    Microsoft voices in P2A

    I tried Neuber first and on attempting to run the installer got a window saying there is an "OLE error". Then I used the MS link you gave, ran the installer, got a long list of voices, chose one of them only to get the OLE error again. Before allowing myself to explode in a rage, I checked and discovered that in fact Heera (I love the Indian accent in English) had been installed and I was able to select in in the P2A config voiced window. Thanks very much for providing the links.
  9. clif9710

    P2A atc not responding

    Thanks for your help. My free trial period is about to end and with the ATC working, I'll bite.
  10. clif9710

    P2A atc not responding

    Success on both say-it and with my voice. I went to Chicago Midway and got a response from GND to the altimeter request. Now all I have to do is find an alternative to Anna for all voices in order to avoid confusion. Does this mean that one cannot jump into a situation, but must follow sequence from takeoff through landing? I hope I can create and file a flight plan and get clearance while in the air.
  11. clif9710

    P2A atc not responding

    further information If I click on the test button under the VOICES tab of configuration, I hear Anna and the text appears in white in the communications window I also checked the volume settings in Windows for P2A and it is normal. In the frequency select window for the radios (that has the numeric keypad), I verified that the MUTE button works and is not on.
  12. clif9710

    P2A atc not responding

    Power indicator is green as is CONNECTED. Radio is on, I know because I can tune and hear ATIS. I still have no response to my PTT attempts, but here is what happens with say-it... I tune center. I choose the phrase for initial contact for say-it: "Cessna zero zero seven at one thousand feet" and it appears in gold preceded with a tilde as it should. I press say-it and robo-female says it correctly I hear the tone indicating the message is received There is no audio response but in the communications window, the following appears in green: Cessna Zero Zero Seven at one thousand feet; I believe all of this is correct, the green text is showing what I am sending to center...but there is no response from center.
  13. I've installed P2A for use with Xplane 11, went through the voice training successfully, have used the P2A voice skill building successfully so I know my voice is being recognized (mic is on, etc.) as I can replay and hear myself. The problem comes when I try to use either the SAY-IT feature or my own voice with PTT. I have a flight plan filed, I go to a clearance delivery freq for the airport where I am sitting. I pull up the request clearance delivery script for SAY-IT and send it. I get the tone indicating it was received but there is no response from ATC. If I use my own voice, I do not get the tone indicating I was heard and, of course, there is no ATC response. Using SAY-IT asking for clearance (VFR in this case) on the listed clearance frequency and getting the acknowledgement tone but no ATC response seems to be the place to start troubleshooting. I am assuming the volume control for COM1 is that used in XPlane and that there is no handle on that in P2A I am assuming the P2A is its own ATC and that I don't need the XPlane ATC window open to work with the P2A ATC. Any thoughts?
  14. clif9710

    FSX add-on confusion

    Thanks, Bill I discovered I have a "old scenery.cfg" in addition to the scenery.cfg. The old has UT entries. The current scenery.cfg has those and UTX entries (I just purchased UTX), so I am hopeful there is no conflict. I suppose it is always a good idea to uninstall since things could really get mixed up placing new things in with old.