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  1. followup on this subject. The same thing happened at another airport, rain in Xplane but none in the P2A wx report. This time I checked the METAR and though everything else was correct (wind and clouds) there was no rain being reported...so this appears to be a Xplane thing. P2A is accurate.
  2. I have just flown in to Panama City MPTO, enroute I checked the weather and it indicated scattered clouds at 600 and 1600, broken at 8000 with no precip. About 100 miles out rain started and continued right on down to landing. Sitting on the field now, it's raining Checking the Xplane weather (set to match real world) it shows stormy conditions with light rain. In agreement with P2A, two scattered and one broken layer. In the P2A wx configuration, weather source is SIM Weather. Xplane and P2A report the same barometer reading for MPTO. How it can be raining with both Xplane and P2A appearing to get the data from the same source, yet P2A reports no precip?
  3. I am enroute at altitude and would like to go up 2000 feet. I've found the say-it text for this but I need to put in the altitude I want. I tried typing it in where it should go, but my co-pilot does not say that altitude, she says the altitude I am assigned. Am I doing something wrong? Can say-it text be modified on the fly (pun intended)?
  4. Ok, thanks. Then having other airborne traffic shown is a good thing to do.
  5. After filing my flight plan, getting clearance and taxi instructions that included approval to cross the active runway - 36 (no taxiway to the end of the runway at this airport, MMVR), I informed ATC I was ready to go and was given approval for takeoff. Starting my roll, I noticed a spot in the sky about 10 degrees up that looked like another aircraft making a final to runway 18, the same strip, opposite end, I was using to take off. Being a daredevil who should never be allowed near a RL cockpit, I decided to see for myself if ATC was making a goof. Sure enough, just as I left the ground I got a red traffic alert with verbal command to climb. I was able to avoid a mid-air and continued on my way then decided to use the replay feature to see what had happened. I went back to where I started to roll and there was no spot in the sky. I took off and there was no traffic alert. I'm baffled on two counts - 1) how could ATC have allowed me to take off and 2) how could the replay not reproduce the situation? AI traffic must be random and not covered by the flight recording.
  6. Yes, it is the SID and STAR waypoints that are dropped, I guess I'm lucky that my own waypoints are recognized. Thanks to both of you for your assistance.
  7. I'm in an Aerobask Eclipse. The FMS is Aerobask's version of the Skyview and Garmin GTN750 To experiment, I switched to the default Xplane Skyhawk that uses the (very user unfriendly) Garmin 530. With this plane/FMS the P2A exported FP loads fine showing all the WP's created with P2A. I do get a warning that the AIRAC cycle of Xplane is earlier than the one used by P2A for the save, but I think that's beside the point as the FP displays on the FMS just as it should. An issue with the Aerobask implementation?
  8. I'm now finding that if I define waypoints myself, they will show up once the FP is exported then imported to Xplane FMS. Waypoints created by P2A auto-plan do not show up in the FP upon import to Xplane FMS.
  9. Thanks, Reiner, I did not have that checked, now I do.
  10. Short version: should a P2A .fms (for Xplane 11) export then import without any omissions into Xplane's FMS? Long version: I used P2A to auto-generate a FP from KSAF to KPHX which it did including 13 waypoints. I then tried exporting this FP from P2A in the fms format for Xplane 11 and was prompted by P2A that it worked. Then, I went to Xplane and loaded that same FP into the Xplane FMS. It loads, but I get only the departure and destination airports, none of the waypoints. I note in the P2A manual it says that user defined WP's are accepted in a .fms export and assume that P2A generated WP's should transfer without problem.
  11. Today the frequency list appears as it should. I'll keep the range change in mind if it happens again. Thanks.
  12. On the ground at KPHX. I could get all the map information, see my plane on the taxiway, had weather, runways, etc. but the frequency list was blank. I took off thinking maybe once airborne I'd get the frequency data but nothing appeared. I tried restarting P2A but had the same situation. Without guidance from the frequency list, I could not establish contact with ATC.
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