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Runway Lights - Still turning "on" during approach?

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Forgive me if this has been answered a zillion times...


Is there a setting to have *all* the runway environment lights on when "within x distance of the runway", etc?


It seems that no matter what I do, when I'm on approach and just a mile out (and less) there are always still runway edge and touchdown zone lights "appearing" (turning on) and it just kills the realism of an IFR approach for me.


Is this a sim/memory/scenery LOD issue perhaps?



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The light should display when the airport comes into view. If the airport is visible and then the lights come on later, it is probably a scenery/LOD issue. This is ASSUMING that it's dark enough for the lights to be on at all.


Usually the VASI lights are on all the time but the Christmas tree only comes on at dusk - IAC if the lights are supposed to be on they should be visible when the airport becomes visible.



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