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Black and blue texture issues

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Have FSGlobal and Orbx Australia amongst my add-ons.


Installed the new FlyTampa Sydney airport.


However when I fly in or out in the surrounding Orbx scenery I am getting square/rectangular patches of black and blue textures which can take more than a couple minute before they disappear.


If If disable Sydney this problem does not show.


Never had this before with FlyTampa.


Posted a message with photo's on the FlyTampa forum, this was the reply.


I appreciate it very much that this person is trying to help me.


""This can happen sometimes on system overload, i get this even in clean installs, doesn't necessarily mean incompatibility. does this occur with all add-on aircraft? I got this reduced by updating GPU drivers and clearing FSX shaders.""


As I not an expert in computers I am always wary that I will make a mess of my FSX by altering things.


That is why I hope that I can get several opinions who may or may not agree about the Shaders.


What do the Shaders exactly in FSX.


Are there others with this issue as all my other sceneries seem to be all-right.


Different aircraft ( payed & freeware ) give the same result.


I cannot update the photo's here but they are on the FlyTampa Sydney forum.













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Black textures usually indicate a texture is either missing or not ready to be displayed by the time you are in view of it.


Blue textures, I've seen happen in DirectX 9 when my GPU was overloaded (as mentioned earlier in your post). Never seen them in DirectX 10, because the load between my CPU and GPU is more balanced.


Your settings are too high for your system to handle, more or less. I see a lot of black textures when using high resolution textures (eg. REX 4), so I scaled them down to 1024x1024, instead of 4096x4096, and the problem went away. I might turn them up again when I get a new system.


The shaders are files in FSX that draw of everything on the screen using your GPU (clouds, fog, textures, effects, shadows, lighting, etc),

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The was a suggestion that I should re-build the  FSX Shaders cache due to having the black & blue issues.


Have a question

There are five maps ( General,Terrain etc) in Shaders with content, do I remove these maps

or all the contents within these maps.

Have a second Shaders10 which has a map HLSL,  I do not use the DirectX10 , do I need to rebuild this as well and in the same way as Shaders.

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