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Kyprianos Biris

2D undocked windows wrong display

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FSX Acceleration on Win7 64 - NVidia GTX660Ti.


I just experienced a big change in my FSX Accel.

Any 2D pop up panel window once undocked and being moved to extended desktop (side screen) it gets graphics inside it from other opened 2D panels or part of the cockpit view.

Once I close all other opened ones and reopen it it displaye properly.


Any FSX.CFG setting that could make make 2D windows a clone view of other 2D windows once undocked ?


I updated NVidia driver to v353.06 via GeForce Experience and made sure NVidia Inspector ( has the settings proper for FSX.EXE to run my GTX660Ti but that did not make any change.


I checked this and added render_3d_window=0 to all 2D panels in PANEL.CFG  but there is no change.


Anyone faced this ?


The only recent change was the update of PMDG 737NGX to latest version which was released few months ago.

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Here is a visual description of the problem.


On image 1 the poped up 2D panel is DOCKED top left of the main view screen (right side) and you can see its gauges while the other 2D panel is UNDOCKED and properly seen in extended desktop on the left side.



On image 2 the poped up panel gets UNDOCKED in main view screen and changes to display an empty forward view by loosing its gauges and bitmap, just a see-through 2D panel




On image 3 once moved on the left side screen (extended desktop) it clones view from the already opened 2D window below it. It never shows what it should.




The more 2D windows I undock and move to extended desktop the more this happens with cloned views of other windows

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A set of 4 images in daylight ! to indicate the problem better.


1. Before any action, other 2D panel displays OK in extended desktop






2. Pop Up of new 2D window  DOCKED, displays OK in main screen






3. UNDOCKING of new 2D window makes it a "see through" window in main screen






4. Moving the UNDOCKED new 2D window on extended desktop then the display of the other open 2D window gets cloned in the new one; compare with picture #2 to see what it should have been displaying.




Any other 2D window I will open after this it will be cloned the same way.  Limit of 2D windows to be undocked at same time and displayed properly is 1.

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For the benefit of future reader, PROBLEM SOLVED. It was the updated NVidia driver which seems to be incompatible with some (old) FSX stuff.


I reinstalled older - tested - steady - GeForce drivers version 310.90 and all was fixed.


If it ain't broken don't try to fix it ...

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