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Good 'Ole SDK acting up again

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Hi y'all, 

    so I've just installed the rebooted version of the 737 fs2crew, manual really makes it look great! Sadly, as with my 777 version, I keep getting SDK failed to initialize messages. The sim is running in admin mode, starts off with the trike in free flight, loads into a 2D cockpit, the lines of code are in the .ini file, and the 737 is running the latest version from the Op Manager... I seriously don't know what's up... Any help woud be greatly appreciated!



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Hi Tom,


It works for everyone else, so it has to work for you, too.


Question:  I'm getting the SDK Error.


Answer:  Consult the MAIN OPS MANUAL Trouble Shooting sections.  Odds are you're using Saved Situation files, and those are a no-no.  The Trike should always be the default aircraft on the Free Flight screen in FSX.


This is for the 777, but it applies equally to the NGX.



One user had everything setup right, but still kept getting the SDK error.


We solved his problem by doing a total clean install of the NGX:


1. Uninstalling the PMDG 737 NGX.

2. Manually deleting any left over PMDG737 folders in the SimObjects folder in FS <DO NOT FORGET THAT STEP!

3. Re-installing the NGX SP1D.

4. Re-install FS2Crew Reboot.


That way you are totally clean.


There was some strange junk in his old PMDG folder that was causing the problem.


Also, if you install the 600/700 expansion pack AFTER you enable FS2Crew NGX Reboot, you will need to cycle the Enable/Disable button the FS2Crew Reboot Config Manager.


That will re-add the ENABLE SDK line to the NGX Options.ini file.   We believe the 600/700 installer deletes that line.

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