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High GPU Usage (GTX 770) and low FPS

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Hi everyone,


Recently, my GPU has been acting strange and now loads itself between 80-99% when I'm playing FSX and many other games as well. As of a result of this, I have been getting lower FPS. For example on the ground at LGTS with the PMDG 737 With pretty high settings, would usually get 40-50 FPS in the VC (mouse cursor out of window obviously) but now I get 15-20. The lower FPS comes from the GPU coming under massive load:


 It has usually been around 40-60%


The temps are not very high either. 


I have tried setting to 'preferred maximum performance' setting in Nvidia Inspector and changing the settings but doesn't help.


I have tried updating, reinstalling and switching drivers but to no avail. 


Also to note that this seems to have happened after I opened up my PC and trying to access the fan controller. Could this have come from moving or touching some cables and parts? (I am a computer noob pretty much)


Thanks in advance and any help would be much appreciated.



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Without more detail my best guess would be that you accidentally unplugged one of your system fans or adjusted it's speed downwards. Just check that all your fans are operating correctly with your case open. Also, what exactly do you mean by 'fan controller' - is it a hardware one that sits in one of your front drive bays with a display and controllers?

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Q1) Have you tried clean booting your system to check the FSX performance? RUN command, "msconfig" etc.

Q2) Where abouts is your fan controller located in your case?

Q3) Are you sure you didn't dislodge one of the power connectors for your graphics card (if it has them)? Sometimes the power connectors can be loose and temperamental - need to check they are fully seated even if they look connected.

Q4) Are you sure Windows Update hasn't tried to auto-update the Graphics driver?

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