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General FS2Crew Issues

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I've been having strange issues with some of my FS2Crew Voice Commander editions.


I run FS9 and I can ensure my mic is heard properly as VATSIM comms are clear and it does work, but not without issue.


On all versions, I can start a flight just fine with FS2Crew and start going through the preflight procedures, but whenever I call 'Preflight/Before Start Checklist' there's no response. I say it again and again, nothing. I have learned that pressing the down button to advance to the next checklist, then the up button to go back to the desired checklist will fix the issue. On the iFly 737 version, I have to do this to get every checklist to function.


On the Level-D 767 version, I got what I can only assume to be a very rare bug while on approach to LAX. Without warning my copilot stopped responding and would just say 'Check' to any and all voice commands. Advancing the checklist and turning voice on and off did nothing.


On my 737 version, the above mentioned issue is one of my main problems, but sometimes while approaching any airport my copilot will say things like 'Approach Checklist Complete' or 'Landing Checklist complete' without having done the checklist and without me saying anything at all. The last issue is that on some points in the checklist, he will get stuck, for example one time this happened during the before start check and he would just keep repeating 'CDU Preflight' no matter what response I gave it.


Any help?

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Did this just happen out of the blue?


Send me a Support Ticket via:



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Hi Brian,


I don't think I need to. I've been testing a lot today, the issue is strangely gone. I've done two 737 flights and a 767 flight, nothing strange now... I'm not sure what to think. Maybe my computer just needed a good ol' restart :)


I'll let you know if anything else happens.



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