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What does PMDG think about Next Generation Flight Simulator

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Personally I can't even imagine a flight simulation without PMDG products, apart few good GA plane made by A2A.


Considering the world filght simulation community has now a new hope, I would be really interested to listen to PMDG opinion about ->  http://nexgenflightsim.com/wordpress/


Usually Mr. Randazzo has always had a pragmatic approach to these new products which may sink without a trace or become a blockbuster, I perfectly understand him and his point of view, but, since a dozen of years, this seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel.


The manager of the NGFS it seems to me to be extremely open minded so, a collaboration with PMDG in the future, may potentially lead to a commercial success.



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The "sim" itself is not very well defined, which is why the site owner is so "open minded." Right now, it's more of an idea and not much else.


For the record, the video of the helicopter in the sim was created with the same sim engine the site owner would like to use, but it's not a working version of the sim that the site owner is envisioning. In other words, the site owner sees potential in that sim engine, and has seen other people use it. From here, it seems he'd like to build a team to do something with it. As of right now, though, it's nothing more than an idea from what I can tell.


I'd hold off on calling anything "the light at the end of the tunnel" until something actually comes of it.

Kyle Rodgers

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I've been developing products for various simulation platforms since 1993.  In that time I have seen many bold ideas for simulators meet the harsh, burning reality of capital financing.


Unless/until a platform is ready to go to market, it isn't worth paying much attention to.  The easiest part of any flightsim development is the production of some screen grabs and a website full of breathless, wordy, hope.  The hard part comes when you actually have to make it live up to all the promises in such a way that it can support the goals and ambitions you lay out.


Our products take upwards of two years to produce, so you won't see PMDG running off after a dream-and-a-song until we know for certain the platform will survive long enough to be born and then learn how to walk and run.


I appreciate the compliment on my point of view being pragmatic, so I hope this reply doesn't sound negative by contrast.  I have long said that Microsoft leaving this genre was going to be the best thing that could possibly happen to us in terms of new technology- and with the advent of Prepar3D beginning to mature and Dovetail beginning to push off in the direction of building a new platform, I think we are in for a fantastic decade ahead. 


At PMDG our money is firmly on Dovetail Games for the simming side and Prepar3D for the enterprise side of our business.  We will shortly be adding X-Plane to our repetoir, and if this new dreamscape can prove itself over the next few years, then perhaps we add a fourth... 


Only time will tell. 

Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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I would like to thank a lot scandinavian13 and above all Mr. Randazzo for the time you spent to answer me. Much appreciated.


I have always closely followed Mr. Randazzo posts, threads, interviews and you tube appearances in conventions. I always had the pleasure to learn from him as a top quality professional, above all for his super clear vision of the present and above all of the future in the flight simulation scenarios. He has always been right since many many years and therefore I am entitled to say that he is going to be right also now.


I am a proud PMDG customer and I will always be, following the company that has always been a lighthouse in the storm of the flight simulation last 10 years.


Thanks a lot for your comments and opinions, finger crossed !

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