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From FSX to P3DV3 - please help to understand what I need to prepare for

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I am FSX user but with the release of P3DV3 I decided to give it a shot. 


My FSX content which I want to transfer is as follows: 


1. FTX Global + FS Global 2010 mesh

2. FTX Vector

3. FTX Europe LC

4. FTX Australia SP4

5. A2A Cessna 172

6. PMDG 737 NGX 

7. Addon airports, out of which most important are: EPKK by Drzewiecki, Aerosoft LGSK and EDDL. 

8. Active Sky Next

9. REX 4 Direct

10. HD Airports Graphics by Zinertek (if its even needed for P3DV3 but as I would imagine this SIM has the texture size of default airport buildings increased?) 

11. FS2CREW 737 NGX


13. FTX Trees HD

14. MyTraffic 2013


Can anyone tell me how big of a hassle would be to do the switch? Do I have to pay for those addons again? As far as I understood there is some ripoff price for PMDG, A2A has the regular one for their products (same as FSX). 


How much money do I have to prepare to spend? Is it a complete clean install of all the addons and I have to redownload all of the installers? 


Thank you in advance for helping to understand the process!

Tomasz Zawadzki



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I too am interested in the answers to this question.


I know that we need to purchase a platform specific version of the NGX and I am OK with that.


I have also read that with P3Dv3 we still need to use NI? I don't see any posts here that address the settings specific to P3D? Do we just use the same as what we were using under FSX? Which ones then, DX9 or DX10? Also FSUIPC is still needed?


too many questions :-)  How about an sticky idiots guide to P3Dv3 written by those here that have pioneered the way? :-)

Greg Hutcheon

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I´ll give it atry.


1-4 + 13 Just download the triple installer files from your FSS account

5 Yes you need a version for the  P3D

6 Yes you have to buy it again

7 Noboby knows as for now

8 No just download the appropriate version

9 There will be a new installer for P3D v3

10 You will probably have to buy them again

11 Yes you have to buy it again

12 No, just download the latest version of the installer

14 Yes you have to buy MyTraffic v6


Well I suggest to reinstall EVERYTHING from scratch and download new installers. How much money to spend? It´s up to you depending of what you need. 




the Swede in Spain

Jack J Jackson

Castalla, Alicante, Spain

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