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sound.dll error CTD (P3Dv3)

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Hi all.


I just installed P3Dv3 a few days ago and started to fly. Things are okay in general except

I got my first CTD today and maybe someone here can help avoid the same CTD.


Aircraft: PMDG NGX

Airport: Aerosoft Rome

Weather: ActiveSky NEXT


As I was approaching the airport, I started to get periodical break in the sound maybe every minute or two.

FS stutters with the break in sound (only a second or even less).

After 5 or so minutes of this, my P3D CTD with a warning window. (Not BSOD).


After checking the error log, it said that the it shut down Prepare3d.exe with the fault of sound.dll.


Any idea as to how to fix this?


BTW, I have not had the sound break at my other airports (FlyTampa LOWW and FSDream LSZH).

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This is a rare CTD for P3D or FSX.  Are you using the on-board sound or do you have a dedicated sound card.  In either case, you should check for updates by downloading and running a program that scans your system for drivers out of date.  These programs are usually freeware until drivers are found to be out of date.  When this happens the software program will offer to download and install the update if you purchase a license.  At least it will show you if you have any drivers out of date and give you a clue as to what might be wrong.  If you have a dedicated sound card, try disabling the on-board sound through your device manager (go to Start and search for Device Manager and you should be able to open it up).  Nvidia also has HD sound and I have disabled that sound too.  It all may be conflicting.


Best regards,

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Thank you for your help, really appreciate this.

I have now disabled Nvidia HD sound as you recommended. My sound drivers appear updated.
One peculiarity I am experiencing.  I only have this CTD problem at low altitudes around Aerosoft Rome airport.
I own other add-on paywares by FSDreamteam as well as Aerosoft's London Heathrow and I have no problems there.
Only at Rome. Even at Rome, if I climb above to higher altitudes like 10,000feet-ish, then the problem doesn't happen.
Descending to approach or initial climb after takeoff, at lower altitudes, I get this periodical break in my sound for a half-second or

so, happens several times before my P3D finally decides to shut down.

Given the above, I am starting to think that the problem is related to Rome add-on.
I uninstalled Rome add-on and reinstalled it today just to see if reinstalling will solve it
but no, it did CTD again after the reinstall.

Any ideas?
BTW, I have not made any comments at Aerosoft forums yet.  

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