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Carenado B200 pressurisation

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Hi. I have just bought the B200 on Steam / X-Plan 10. When I fly it above 12,500 I get Alt(itude) Alert telling me the cabin is not pressurising.


There is not much documentation with this plane and nothing on the oxygen system. Would someone please explain how to pressurise the cabin? I know where the controls are (next to the autopilot) and the oxygen level dial (co-pilot's station) but whatever I try to do I can't fly higher than 12,500 without the screen going black (which I assume is me blacking out through lack of oxygen?). Thanks.

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Are you positive you haven't forgotten to turn on the bleed air switches located on the lower part of the panel (between pilot and co-pilot yokes) ?

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Just had a peep at my own B200 documentation, this is what it says 


Engine Run up 


11. Pressurization – Check and set.


b. CABIN ALTITUDE – Set 500 feet lower than field pressure altitude.

c. CABIN PRESS switch – TEST. Cabin climb/descent gauge indicates a descent.

d. CABIN PRESS switch – Release. Cabin climb/descent gauge indicates a climb, then

stabilizes at zero climb.

e. Altitude selector – Set as required. Pressure altitude + 200 feet.



3. Cabin pressurization – Check. Adjust rate control knob so that cabin rate-of-climb equals one third of

aircraft rate-of-climb. Recommend setting cruise altitude +1000 ft.

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