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  1. Thanks a bunch, I had to miss it and couldn't find anything regarding "range" in the manual. All the best!
  2. Hey, Just got the FMS extension and did my first flight in it. Seems like a great addition to already great plane. Couple of quick questions from the quick flight I did: a) No display range control for the digital HSI? Seems like it's by defualt set to 50nm and cannot be changed. Makes very hard to read out MAP mode in terminal areas. Did I miss something (manual doesn't mention it) or is it going to be added in later updates? b) Is it just me or is the FMS treating all waytpoints as fly-over instead of fly-by? Autopilot seems to initiate turns quite late and overshoting the planned route. More testing to follow. Thanks for the hard work! Great stuff.
  3. Hey guys, I have seen quite a few of them around, but not updated in a while so it's hard to find an accurate information. Hence my question - what would be the best freeware or payware standalone FMS around? Mind, I am talking about something like vasFMC that I can retrofit editing panel.cfg to any aircraft (CLS DC-10 for example). Being able to update it with Navigraph would be a huge plus. I know that GTN750 exists, but that's not what I am after. Thanks in advance for help!
  4. thank you all for the replies, very helpful. I completely forgot about Flight1 30 days guarantee so now it's a no brainer. Just last question if I may - how does B200 G1000 compare to F1 Citation Mustang? Is it basically the same thing? EDIT: Found an answer myself. Again, thanks for all the replies.
  5. Would you go as far as compare it to Carenado G1000?
  6. Probably more than that, but you will see a lot of people saying it will help with various things like performance (it won't), blurries (it won't) and so on thinking it's will be some major step up. Don't forget, if it's coming that is, it will be 64bit built in 32bit base with extremely old, subpar legacy code. Don't expect any rainbows.
  7. Hey, Couldn't really find any up to date review of this bird, and seems like it was recently updated to work well with p3D v3? Anyone uses it? Might I ask how is it? From description it looks pretty detailed which I can really appreciate. Is their G1000 hard on frames? Thanks in advance for any responses :smile:
  8. Despite various claims in changelog - no change on vas usage on my usual test route.
  9. Avro branch works perfectly in P3D 3.4 for me. 146s do not. There is an issue with external "operations centre" software, but there is a fix for it.
  10. Or maybe you are just a little bit overdramatic. It's not Iris' forums. It's not a place to get support. And you can't reasonably assume that they are following this thread. Contact them directly or via place that is meant to be a support for their products.
  11. Post your log.txt file located in the X-Plane's main folder. Mind it gets rewritten everytime you start your sim, so post it after your crash.
  12. <p>I am speaking of my personal experience. </p> <p>My sim is set to realatively humble settings but not to the point that gauges are completely unreadable (yay P3D and aliasing issuess...) </p> <p>So again, sim works fine. But if there is a bigger cloud formation ahead, be it overcast or larger cumulus/stratoculumus formation, and I am actually LOOKING through the windshield, my fps tanks. </p> <p> </p> <p>Happily, AS16+ASCA can be obtained in a form of trial. Install it and look for yourself as for how it's working on your system before you commit.</p>
  13. AS16+ASCA with slgihtly bigger cloud formation ahead: 19fps. P3D without AS16 - 60fps. Seems like it's very poorly optimized. Mind it's my first major weather addon in P3D for me, so can't compare it with anything. Visually it's great though. Effect-wise (crosswind/wake/turbulence) is a hit or miss.
  14. Not sure what "FCOM" were you looking into, but remeber that both 767/757 have an older version of FMS recreated. It's not a modern one, so obviously there are things missing from the usual FMS unit you would see in today's 767s. However they are not "basic" in the slightest.
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