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HGS Takeoff help

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Having a bit of issues trying an HGS takeoff-probably just me not understanding the manuel or what, but I cannot figure it out.


Which ILS frequencies do I tune? The one from the runway i'm taking off from (e.g runway 5's frequency for taking off runway 5)? The one from the oppposite end? Both? And, which radio do I put it in?


The setting all the speeds is fine, I can handle that. Same for setting the NAV sources. Its just the "which frequency do I tune, and where" that is stopping me.



This is a fabulous aircraft, and I love the HGS landings. Just the takeoffs that are eluding me.

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It's all in the PDF on page 7 but here you go:


"6. Takeoff  
During the takeoff mode the HGS will guide the pilot along the runway centerline until the rotation of the aircraft. The system will also provide the information on remaining runway length. 
To set the HGS for Takeoff mode: 
• Use ARCDU to tune the #1 and #2 receivers to the valid localizer frequency • Set the published ILS course on both sides • Set the heading bug to the published ILS  course. • Set V1, Vr, V2, Vref1 (initial clib), Vref2 (flaps retraction) speeds on both sides • Select NAV1 source on the left, and NAV2 on the right PFD • Set the EFIS ATT/HDG SOURCE to NORM 
• Using the HGS control panel on the center console set the remaining runway length, and the runway elevation parameters.  • Using the HGS control panel, selected primary mode (PRI) as active mode (first line) 
After lining up and aligning the aircraft with runway centerline, TO will appear in the right top corner of the combiner and on the HGS control panel, indicating the HGS has entered the takeoff mode.  
At takeoff roll, after passing 20 kts IAS, the HGS will begin calculating the remaining runway length.   "
If you can't locate the documents they should be in your
\Prepar3D v3\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\doc     Folder(or whichever sim your using main program folder)
So if you are taking off on runway 05 You would set it for that runway

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Hey Cessna Guy,


Steve is correct about the manual, but if you don't mind I'll take it a step further for you using a "teach a man to fish" modality.


Assuming Runway 05 is selected.... that same runway (direction) would be used by aircraft which are landing or departing (take off), so the ILS frequency is going to be for that runway and using the opposite Runway data (gained via the radio frequency) would only muck things up for us so we only want to use data for a single runway.


I'm assuming the confusion is because you're thinking the Localizer signal for the ILS on Runway 05 is pointing outward for incoming aircraft.  Way to use the noodle (seriously), however this is a little different in that the Localizer signal actually points BOTH directions (down the course (actually reciprocal) for the incoming aircraft but also 180 degrees off that course as well. That's how the Radio is the aircraft can get the signal as it's moving down the runway.  Such a signal can be used for Back Course Approaches at some airports.


I'll add for you that providing your ARCDU (some are referring to this as the Radio Panel) is in the FMS Mode, you can tun your Radios using the CDU's "TUNE" function by selecting "TUNE", then NAV1 and/or NAV2 and entering the appropriate digits.


I hope this helps!

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