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A few comments after my second flight in ver 1.7 Learjet 35A

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Yaw stability


I feel that the yaw stability is quite "screwy" (unstable) especially in slow flight.  Slow to 130 - 140 kts in clean or landing configuration.  Now try some shallow to medium bank turns and observe the "ball" (slip skid indicator).  The plane behaves like this: it starts with a significant skid in the direction of the turn (adverse yaw) and then yaws into the turn way past center to a big slip, all with little to no rudder input, YD on or off and no wind.  One may argue that this is exactly what I deserve for not using the rudder.  I admit that using the rudder does help dampen this instability.  As I start banking I need to "kick" the tail into the turn and then quickly straighten the rudder as soon as my bank angle is stabilized in order to avoid the slip.  Even with practice keeping the ball anywhere near center when turning remains a very tricky task.  More importantly I do not want to practice such "technique" if this is not how the real plane behaves.  But if it is, hats off to all the Lear35 drivers out there.


BIG RED "return yoke" labels


These labels on the floor are well-intentioned but way overly dramatic.  At night they keep making me think that the plane is on fire.


Hydraulic Pressure Gauge


As I previously reported, with all systems off (cold and dark) the gauge needle points to max pressure.  Not sure if that's correct or not.


"short sighted" landing light


The landing light looks fantastic, in and outside.  But I feel that they are too "short sighted".  I can't see any ground illumination until I'm 10 ft. off the ground before touchdown.

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Hi Jason,


I actually noticed the same issue in regards to Yaw stability, I don't have any time in a Lear but I cant imagine the plane acting up like this specially with YD ON.


Another thing in my opinion that can use a bit of work is the texture quality in the VC, it looks FS9ish to me, I am starting to enjoy the plane a lot, it is a good challenge for someone like me that is used to too much automation.


Thanks to FlightsimWare for this toy, keep up the good work!

Happy landings!


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