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Lear Yoke and Roll

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This is strange. Just installed 1.7 and had an awesome flight. I left the pedestal/yoke showing and noticed smooth aileron movements, but the travel speed increased dramatically at about 50% deflection. I wondered if this may be causing exaggerated roll on landing?


Set up a good approach and greased the landing. I was sure not to overuse the ailerons and all I can say is it handled smooth as silk. What a great plane to fly.


After taxing back to parking, I noticed that pulling straight back on the yoke caused it to spin left and right as I pulled straight back and forth?? Like the aileron and elevator axis was bound together. This did not happen on TO. Very odd.


I'm running P3D v3 and know there are driver issues with yokes and pedals. This behavior is isolated to the yoke. I tried a repair several times, but no change. If I de/re-install, it works fine for the first flight.


Does anyone know if the FSW license allows me to install on FSX too if on the same machine and I am the only user? If so, I want to test this on a clean install of FSX:SE. I'm betting this is a P3D v3 conflict.


This plane is addicting and a blast to fly. If I can confirm the yoke problem is P3D v3, I'll just fly it on FSX until P3D 3.1 arrives, which should be shortly.


Anyone else on P3D v3 run into this?

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It wasn't P3D or the Lear, but user error.


Controllers were enabled. I had created a profile specific FSUIPC axis control last week. FSUIPC wins for control ...on the second flight? Don't know why, but it's re-calibrated and working now.


Disabled controllers in P3D and the surfaces work fine. Can't get steering or reversers assigned in FSUIPC, but I'm working on it.

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Thanks for sharing the solution.  


I had simmilar problems when using saved flights.   Then i did exactly as you did.  Deleted P3D Controll Assigments and use only FSUIPC config.... no more problems(But still avoid usage of saved flights).


Happy Flying...

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