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Networked [AirHauler+FsCaptain+ProATC+ASN+fscommander= WOW

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Doing my p3d setup test win7 i7790k@4.8Ghz GtxTitanx



Been away from simming a while, so having to test current version of addons as well


Back to latest fscaptain  from an old version was a rude introduction to a more complex program in a not so well managed way, but still great program if you choose your version wisely.


First off I only recommend these addons working together on networked PC, using simconnect and the veery easy widefs for fscaoomder nand airhauler


Simconnect for proatc and asn.




1. Flight plans done in proatc when in hurry, but I think fscommander plans are more realistic, example single engine flight plan stays close to shore.


2. The new ASN is veeery good for checking wind component and EVEN gives you best altitude to fly the flight plan you load. I go back to fscommader or proatc to set flight level after checking with ASN, love that feature. Previously only wind component was available and usefull to me for fuel planning. Thanks ASN.


3. Greatly so, yeh you thought right, fscaptain tamed down , works veery well with airhauler. I just turned off all the failure or more intrusive features of fscaptain, including all the weather hazard etc etc etc.and make your ac 100% reliable in config for fscap.


In fscap admin setup ueses same payload cargo as airhauler, and fscap inflight data is very usefull and well worth feeding fscap most reliable data you can. FSCAP helps the Hauler. All the fscap inflight data is very usefull.


I let Airhauler load before starting fscap. I already turned off fuel and load  features of fscap. I just select manual load if fscap.



Long time user of fsommander  on separate monitor, trying it for first time on network, very easy with widefs, shockingly easy 


WARNING  WARNING WARING AirHualer uses nearly as much CPU as P3D, loved AirHauler so much fought tooth and nail to get it working on network, including fist fight at SimMarket after I wrongly bough widefs6 instead of widefs7, after the simarket fight, they let me off with refund to buy widefs7. Pete Dawson please take widefs6 off the market is for fs2004 and only causing confusion.



AirHauler+Fscaptain+ProATC+ASN work like they one program, but you wount enjoy the cpu hug, ONLY WORTH IT ON NETWORK.


Widefs very easy almost nothing to do for fscomander and Airhauler which use widefs


ASN and ProATC use simconnect, but info about these in manuals, definalt the stuff on widefs7 significantly easier.


An excellent combination, Also it seems the dept/dest in AirHauler are definatly more interesting than my usual selection scheme


My first job in AirHauler was to deliver goats to airport in a valley surrounded by high mountains, after you stay high to clear the mountains, Welcome to the craziest steepest approach glide slope ever, gave the goats a heart attack.


Take the AirHauler, plunge get some education on load dynamics.  Don't try this at home, only on a network, else AirHauler will stutter your sim







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Glad to hear someone else loves AH as much as I do.  You named the #1 reason I love it: flying between mountains and dropping in all the while hoping it stays VFR!  

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I have identical setup going and couldn't be happier (maybe even happier when Air Hauler 2 comes out)!

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I remembered liking Air Hauler a lot, but I think (been a while now) I uninstalled it due to the Real Time nature of the "game days". I would have to give that a go again while waiting for AH2.

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I have seen scary posts  people ranting raving about AirHauler realtime nature.


New to AirHauler, only made few flights to test its working ok with WideFS.


the realtime thing is a trun off for me as well,  but I like the dept/dest it comes up with, and the effect of flying with varying payloads.


As for loosing money when you don't fly for months in my case, I ll just make a new company, or get clever enough with the AI so they make the cash while I away.


Never the less, hope AH2 is out soon, and not using the realtime, too intrusive,! 


Got to mention though, AH works very well with Fscaptain, just turn off all fscaptain autoload, failures and weather hazard features. For one thing Fscaptain adds some vital checks to your flight planning when dealing with loads near your capacity and choosing to fly great distance. Fscaptain helps not be a naïve airhauler, and inflight this continues via fscap acars.

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