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Terrafugia flying cars webpages?

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Last Avsim thread on Terrafugia was 2013, when their concept of flying cars was announced.


Yesterday the FAA approved testing to commence for their flying cars.


Google finds some sites with info but anyone here have an especially good site to recommend? 



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"Pricing is estimated to be consistent with high-end luxury cars. The car will have a range of 500 mi, boast cruise speeds up to 200 mph, and utilize vertical take-off and landing.

Simplicity is the name of the game. According to the company, learning how to fly the vehicle will take significantly less time than learning how to fly a traditional aircraft, and controlling the vehicle will be akin to steering a car."

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I just watched a video of what the FAA just approved for testing and it's nothing like the concept car/plane they were touting a few years ago.  What I just saw on video was sort of a like a mini Osprey, with tilting rotors for vertical takeoffs and forward flight.  In car mode the rotors (props) folded against the nacells.. then the mini wings folded down against the sides and the nacells sort of folded away like landing gear into the sides of the vehicle.   This all happens in a few minutes after landing while you're still sitting in the cockpit (drivers seat?)  Looks way cool, can land like a copter and does 200 mph in forward flight??  


Expensive though.   The video implied there would be alot of automation around landing and taking off.    I worked with a guy at my last job whose brother in law is one of the principals in the company.  They've been around for years... somebody must have deep pockets.

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One thing to restrict take off and landings to airports. What about from private residence roofs and/or public parking lots in shopping centers etc. 


The changeover to horseless carriages did not involve fears of cars crashing down on house rooftops or falling from sky onto the freeway. That changeover was smoother than this changeover would be, relatively speaking, I think...

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