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Just updated to v3.1 win8 having WMI issues with ASN

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Updated ASN with p3dv3.1 version., but ASN failed saying wrong version of p3d


So decided to uninstall and went for full b5833 version  after uninstalling older version.


Now getting WMI errors which happens every time I update ASN.


used a tool to fix this last time, but not fixing it this time.


Never had issues HIFI win7 just win8, which is my network laptop


Any help cheers

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Well still having issues. The latest 5833 supposed to work with p3dv3.1 does not like the idea.


Brining all sorts of connection errors.


Something strnage going on with ASN regards p3d3.1. The only question on this particular to[[ic on ASN support forum has been moved into members only area , dan and I don't remember my login details , and too tired now to bother.


Already installed Opus, been looking for the excuse to get Opus for years, networks right out of the box, working with p3dv3.1.


Don't mind  heads up when ASN sort this out, but they should not have moved only topic on this in their website to private area, only makes it worse.


I made the effort to google search ASN forum, the only topic where someone having  same issue is me moved to private area. Forces user to labour carring around login details for every product he has.


Don't kick p[aying user out with pirates.


Already in chat with HIFI support to resolve this, surprised got email boxing day.


Hacked my way from 5833 wount install to now loading, but does not like p3dv3.1 says asconnect not happy. Already installed asconnect in p3d about 20 times just for good measure.

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In Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D v3\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib, run SimConnect.msi


I had the same problem, and this fixed it. You can find the instructions in the info dialog of the ASN installer.



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All this started when I trusted ASN update for p3dv3., which subsequently resulted WMI iesssus, failure to reinstall and now


its not happy with dll.xml in p3dv3.1


And this is the full version latest 5833 fpr p3dv3.1


Something is defiantly going on here, there is a moved topic on hifi support only one I could find on this issue.

plus I have been updating HIFI products since well before As2012, and all was ok with ASN till I used latest update.


Thanks for tip on simconnect, I always install all versions on my client and server.


Gona be enjoying Opus till they sort out with fresh release or I get used to Opus. 


The lesson, if you don't wana labour hard, stay weeks away from updates  

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\Robert Hamlisch/


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