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737 Immersion Performance ?

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I vould like to by this product , but before I need to know if it has decrementation of fps in fsx




It all depends on the following conditions.

  1. CPU component
  2. GPU component
  3. Screen Resolution
  4. Anti-Aliasing setting
  5. FSX Settings
  6. Other installed Add-ons
  7. Location in the world
  8. FSX or FSX:SE?
  9. DX9 or DX10 settings
  10. Tweaks made to your sim's cfg file
  11. Other processes on your computer
  12. and also what you had for dinner...

No but seriously, performance is a very relative thing. We offer alternative options while installing 737 Immersion to make sure we cover all the performance spectrum.





EDIT: "Sos" is not a very descriptive title.... I changed it for something more appropriate.

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