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ft735.dll CTD

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Happy New Year to one and all firstly....


Inauspiciously starting the New Year with a CTD.  And a very odd one... I Googled the crash info and got some info, but nothing that has shed any light on this, let alone fixed it. Never had this error message before - and it turns out this is because I reinstalled FeelThere's 737 (FS9), which I haven't flown for years. Having reacquainted myself with the aircraft, all was going well (on a flight from LGKR to LGIR) until I got to just past LGSA (Chania - ironically a (wonderful) place where I lived for over 12 years!), when I got a CTD with the following message:


Problem signature:
  Problem Event Name:    BEX
  Application Name:    FS9.EXE
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp:    4135a208
  Fault Module Name:    ft735.dll
  Fault Module Version:
  Fault Module Timestamp:    47581a02
  Exception Offset:    000ef59c
  Exception Code:    c000000d
  Exception Data:    00000000
  OS Version:    6.1.7601.
  Locale ID:    2057
  Additional Information 1:    a00b
  Additional Information 2:    a00b427c46ad406ddf1553c5576cf119
  Additional Information 3:    3dc3
  Additional Information 4:    3dc364ca229ef51186892f0607218772


(What is "  Problem Event Name:    BEX"?)


OK, ft735.dll refers to the aircraft, and the Google results certainly lay the blame at the door of the 737.




However, bizarrely, the crash occurs at exactly the same geographical spot every time, just east of LGSA: I had already tried to resolve this in my usual way, removing add-on scenery folders in batches from scenery.cfg, and eventually, nothing having helped, I loaded the flight and a/c into a 'vanilla' installation of FS9 (9.1) - and STILL got the crash; so rogue scenery files are very unlikely.


If the problem is with the 737, as seems clear, I cannot fathom why the crash occurs at the same spot every time I rerun the flight, and nowhere else (that I have found). I would have thought either the dll file would cause CTDs at random places when flying the same plane, or a scenery file would be to blame. But running the same flight in, say, the default FS9 747-400 instead of the PIC 737, shows that it is the aircraft that is the cause - any other a/c but the latter flies on with no problem. Also, if I pause the flight in the 737 just before the crash occurs, or pause it and move the a/c to a different location, again, no CTD. Some kind of weird interaction between a scenery file at that spot and ft735.dll...


Disabling DEP didn't help (and it was a devil to enable again! Without it, FS9 crashes immediately you try to start it up!). Nor did adding "ft735.dll=1" to the Old Modules section of FS9.cfg work.


Any ideas? I run FS9 on a PC with Win7 x64. There seems to be almost nothing out there (i.e. on the internet!) about this and certainly no resolution that I can find... If anyone who has the PIC 737-400 could try flying east from Chania to Irakleion to see what happens?....





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assuming you are using the original 737 for FS9 .... it will not work with win7.  you can do an upgrade, 2D PANEL ONLY, that will make the 2D panel work in a win7 environment.


again this is ONLY FOR THE 2D PANEL ... no update will happen to the VC and essentially you will not be able to use the VC panel.


see feelThere's www-site.

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Hi. Yes, I am not worried about the VC.


I have been on the Feel;There site, but what am I looking for? After ten minutes browsing I can't find anything relevant, but there are a lot of different pages. Could you kindly post a link?


Many thanks

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Can't see why AVSIM should remove the link??


agains't policy for a external vendor to be linked ... especially by a 'commercial member'.

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