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linking an fsx file to another drive

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Hello & help.

I have been told you can move the Orbx and aerosoft  files from FSX and put them in another drive using mklink/j  method, removed the correct files from FSX etc..

Have tried it  and cant get it to work. Must be doing something wrong. Can someone explain it to me in simple terms please? Have followed the  instructions for using the "cmd" prompt route and typed in the correct paths. No joy.

Have tried using Console2 with the same results.

Typed it with spaces and without spaces. Using  " marks and not. Some things amiss.

Pulling my hair out!



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mklink doesn't move the folder, it only makes a link to it once you've moved it. The syntax for the command is: mklink /j target source. The following will work in Windows 7 - not sure if 8 or 10 are the same. If you want to move the Orbx folder to another drive (I'll assume FSX is in the default location and I'll use E: as the drive you're moving it to), do the following:


1.   COPY the Orbx folder to the E: drive (don't use MOVE). Rename the original folder to something like Orbx-old - if all goes wrong, you can just rename it back to Orbx and use it as before. You MUST NOT have a folder called Orbx in the FSX folder or mklink won't work - the command creates the folder.


2.   Open a command prompt using "run as Administrator".


3.    Enter this command: mklink /j "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX" "E:\ORBX"  (adjust the paths and drives as necessary).


4.    Open Windows Explorer and check your FSX folder and make sure that it has a new ORBX folder which seems to contain all the files. In Windows 7 the new ORBX folder icon will have a small white box in the bottom left corner containing an arrow showing that it is linked.


5.   To confirm all is well, try opening FTX central and make sure it operates normally.


6.   Run FSX and make sure Orbx operates normally.


7.   If everything is good, you can delete the original Orbx-old folder from the FSX folder.


You should be able to install new Orbx add-ons to the original FSX folder and the operating system should make sure they actually go to the new folder on the new drive.


VERY IMPORTANT - If the paths have spaces in them it's essential that you use quotes around each path with a space between paths - I always use them as it does no harm. However, make sure that they are the standard ASCI quotes and not "smart" quotes (the type a word processor would normally produce). If you want to copy and paste the command from item 3 above it should work but make sure you edit it in a basic text editor like Notepad. The first time I tried using mklink, I copied an example from a web page and had no success at all until I discovered the "smart" quotes problem!

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Sorry only just read your reply to my post. Thanks for the info. Will try it the weekend.


thanks again


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