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  1. I get this sometimes if I change aircraft after starting a flight. bigcav
  2. bigcav


    Where's all the support gone?? Is Reinhard Still bothered? Bigcav
  3. Hello I am running PB version 2.93 on a second computer through Simconnect with P3dv3.2. Both comps are W7. For some reason the oil pressure warning light for engine 3 & 4 don't work. The oil gauges do. Any suggestions please Carl Vokes
  4. So in short. Your method is the right way and doesn't work for what ever reason. Mine is the wrong way and does. Now it makes sense. Oh well cant stop and chat. Got A.I. ships to look for.
  5. Hello Sethos Not sure why you have installed it that way. May I suggest you undo everything you have done to install the program and try it the way I have installed mine. 1. Unzip the Zipfile to a folder. Gives you the following folders Effects Images Route maps Scenery Simobjects Sound Images and route maps are for information only. So... Open the "effects folder in your download. There are some files and a single folder which says "textures" Open up your flightsim so you have a list of folders. One of them says "effects". Open it. Copy all the files EXCEPT TEXTURES from your download effects into Effects in flightsim. Then copy the CONTENTS of the Texture file of your download into the texture file in effects. Open the "Simobjects" folder in your download. Copy the CONTENTS of "Animals" into Simobjects/animals in your flightsim . Copy the CONTENTS of "Boats" into Simobjects/boats in your flightsim. Copy the CONTENTS of "Sound" in your download to "Sound" folder in your flightsim. Now for the Tricky bit. In your download open Scenery/World/Scenery. Press Ctrl-A.. This should highlite all the docs. Press Ctrl-C.. This sets up the copy. Now go into your flightsim, there is a folder call "Scenery" Open it and scroll all the way to the bottom. There is a folder called "World" Open it and the are two folders.. One is called "Scenery" Open it. Now put your cursor anywhere in the opened window and right click. Then in the new window click"Paste" That should be that. Hope this helps. Regards Bigcav
  6. Is there anything I can help with Henrik? Carl
  7. I agree with Jlund. Little navmap..brilliant!! Bigcav
  8. Did you change aircraft after starting a flight? Bigcav
  9. Sorry lads, can only tell you what worked for me. Bigcav
  10. Try turning water detail down to below ultra. I have mine on medium and they work fine. Bigcav
  11. Did you change aircraft after starting a flight?
  12. Hello Victor Sorry. Its not released yet. I'm waiting for the next update from Henrik so l can finish it. Bigcav
  13. Hello Victor In answer to your questions. 1) No, their hasn't been an update since July 2015, but I think Henrik will be releasing one soon. 2) I have done a program called "Ship locator". It contains an overlay for Google Earth showing all the routes and what ships can be found on each route. Together with this there is: A list of the ships names. How to locate them around the world. A time table of arrivals and departures for each ship on each numbered route. Below is a sample of one route Round Trip cycle: 8hours All times Zulu (GMT) SHIP : DEPART : ARRIVE : RETURN : ARRIVE : : : APPROX : DEPART : APPROX : 1,"Orla" : 00:00:58 : 03:19:07 : 04:00:53 : 07:19:02 : 2,"Portoroz" : 02:00:58 : 05:19:07 : 06:00:54 : 01:19:03 : 3,"Doric_Freedom" : 04:00:58 : 07:19:07 : 00:00:54 : 03:19:03 : 4,"BBC_Orinoco" : 06:00:58 : 01:19:07 : 02:00:54 : 05:19:03 : After Henrik releases the next addition of his program, I will update my "ship locator" and release it. Hope this helps Regards bigcav
  14. Sorry! Type or copy and paste these instead: 59 36'14. N 3 41'32. E (for the northern start/stop area) 57 24'38. N 0 57'58. E (for the southern Start/stop area) They are both out to sea, so there is no airport or city near by. Regards bigcav
  15. I think it may Have been the "Rowan Gorilla" its time table is this: Round Trip cycle: 24hours All times Zulu (GMT) SHIP : DEPART : ARRIVE : RETURN : ARRIVE : : : APPROX : DEPART : APPROX : 1,"Rowan_Gorilla" : 06:15:29 : 18:05:20 : 18:15:54 : 06:05:45 : Its start and finish points in Google Earth are: N59* 36.30' 40. E3* 41.21'43. I do have an overlay for Google Earth but it will not display correctly on this post. Regards Bigcav