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  1. Bob,I'm in a similar situation - minus the $2000 or $3000 that I don't have (and won't have until perhaps 2009). Tuition, room & board, car insurance, bills, etc, will take what $$ I have.So, my copy of FSX will be in its box until then. MS Flight Sim has been a casual hobby of mine for 22 years. I guess I'll take a break from it for a few years.Merry Christmas to all!David
  2. Well Crabster,My PC hardware is not as high end as yours, but I did try FSX deluxe for awhile and then decided to remove it from my PC. It'll probably sit in the retail box for 6-12 months, irregardless of a patch. Then I'll decide what to do with it. Bottom line for me: I can't afford to make the hardware upgrade that I really want for FSX. So, I'll be using FS9 for awhile. I love everything I have seen and heard in FSX. However, I think I prefer my other hobby (photography) if I want to see colorful, nice "slides". Besides, I need a break from my 22 years in MS Flight Sim!Cheers, and Happy Holidays to all!David
  3. Or, we can have a survey about Tom's survey!:( David
  4. >Since I wasn't around for FS9 at all I was just curious if>FS9 was patched like FSX is going to be. Seems to me like FSX>Vista/DX10 patch is either being forgotten about or ignored>due to the fact that people don't want to put up the money to>upgrade their hardware/software.>>Was FS9 released just before a new operating system was about>to be released and had to be patched to play on it and it's>new built from the ground up DX software?? I highly doubt>that. I think people have to be a little more patient. I>know it's very hard and I am not one of those patient people>that's why I am in here every day looking to do anything I can>to play this game right or go to FS9 and play that right.FS2004 was available in retail in July 2003. Other than news about Longhorn (Vista) delays, no, there was no Windows OS that was released just after FS9. MS did, however, release a patch for FS9. available on Aces' website. Look here: http://www.microsoft.com/GAMES/flightsimulator/downloads.aspI bought FSX yesterday at Circuit City (Deluxe on sale for $48). Even though I won't be spending much time with FSX, I wanted to financially support the product. Perhaps sometime next year I will use FSX. From what I have seen so far in the product, it's gorgeous and very detailed. Currently, it runs too slow on my PC at the default settings. I can't wait until next year when I have a new PC for it!David
  5. Matt,thanks for the photos. I take it this is not from the FSX demo?David
  6. If you have on-board sound and a PCI sound card, try using both for FSX. In Windows control panel, click on the Sounds and Audio devices icon. Choose the Audio tab. Then chose the sound device that your desktop/stereo speakers connect to. Click on Apply. Now chose the Voice tab. Select the audio device that your headphones connect to. Select Apply and OK.Start up FSX Demo. Adjust your sound volumes in the FSX sound option. Now you should hear ATC via headphones and cockpit, engines, environment sounds via speakers! Thanks for this feature, Aces!:DDavid
  7. >Try turning the autogen and ai traffic off (ground/sea/air)..>and then max everything and see how you go.>>Aparently there's a bug in the autogen causing low FPS.Thanks for the reminder JuiceRabbit. I changed my screeen resolution to 1280x1024 (down from my usual 1600x1200). I also changed several settings to the following values:Global texture resolution = very highAdvanced Animation is checkedFiltering = Trilinearterrain complexity and LOD radius settings maxMesh resolution = 38mtexture resolution = 2mwater effects = low 2.xland detail textures is checkedScenery complexity = very denseautogen density = sparsespecial effects = mediumAll shadows turned offAI Traffic all set at 18% or lowerAirport vehicle density = lowAirline traffic = 15%GA traffic = 55%I am using CAT 6.5, with AA = 4x, AF = 4x, and default clock rates on my 9800 Pro. My P4 is overclocked to 3 GHz.My FPS was much better - in the range of 20-26 FPS during the late afternoon and evening flight time in CLEAR weather.I was flying the purple RealAir 172. Everthing worked in this 172 except the main gauges were missing - no big deal - who needs the airspeed indicator, attitude, altimiter, VSI, turn coordinator, and heading indicators? I fly my planes by the seat of my pants. :)I am very excited about FSX. The mouse look function is so cool!! Just press the SPACE bar and move your mouse around. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out - that's a very nice feature! I also tried the mouse yoke. I liked it except when in the VC I was using the mouse to pan around and then immediately used my mouse to control the yoke: it caused my plane to go out of control. Perhaps in the VC whenever we select Mouse Yoke, the sim should default to the straight ahead view and should show a different icon on the screen (both mouse look and mouse yoke use the same crosshair icon).I am glad I had the courage to try out the Demo on my average PC. Now I need a second job to feed my FSX addiction. Thanks Microsoft Aces Team!:DDavid
  8. I installed the Demo last night. I really like the new GUI and menu selections. I haven't had much time to fly around in FSX (only 1 hour flight time total). I love the details of the new planes. The VC instruments look sharp and very readable. At night, the internal cockpit lights for the instruments add to the realism and professionalism of simulation. I haven't spent the time to look at AI environment or the missions yet.I haven't quite figured out how to toggle through the views - but I like what I saw yesterday so far.I am quite excited about FSX. However, I might have to postpone my purchase of FSX due to $$$ constraints. I'm sure I can run FSX on my current PC; but I don't think I can turn on many new features that are part of the FS Xperience.Last night, I was getting 10-15 FPS with clear weather and with Fair weather theme. It was playable but stuttery. Will I upgrade? I hope I can this season. Here is my FSX config:[GRAPHICS]TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=512NUM_LIGHTS=8AIRCRAFT_SHADOWS=0AIRCRAFT_REFLECTIONS=1COCKPIT_HIGH_LOD=1LANDING_LIGHTS=0AC_SELF_SHADOW=0EFFECTS_QUALITY=2GROUND_SHADOWS=0[sCENERY]LENSFLARE=0DAWN_DUSK_SMOOTHING=1IMAGE_COMPLEXITY=4[DISPLAY]BLOOM_EFFECTS=0SKINNED_ANIMATIONS=1TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=300UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=26[PANELS]QUICKTIPS=1PANEL_OPACITY=100[TERRAIN]LOD_RADIUS=3.500000MESH_COMPLEXITY=84MESH_RESOLUTION=20TEXTURE_RESOLUTION=23AUTOGEN_DENSITY=2DETAIL_TEXTURE=1WATER_EFFECTS=4[WEATHER]CLOUD_DRAW_DISTANCE=3DETAILED_CLOUDS=1CLOUD_COVERAGE_DENSITY=7THERMAL_VISUALS=0DownloadWindsAloft=1DisableTurbulence=0[TrafficManager]AirlineDensity=21GADensity=46FreewayDensity=15ShipsAndFerriesDensity=26LeisureBoatsDensity=30IFROnly=0AIRPORT_SCENERY_DENSITY=2David
  9. Well, if Aces actually release FSX in early October, that would be sooner than most of us had expected. If Aces feel they need additional time to tweak the sim, that would be fine, too. But I'm sure most want the product asap. I am willing to wait until late October or early November for the release of the software. That would give some of use more time to upgrade our PC hardware.:)David
  10. I am looking forward to FSX. I have already seen and read from the on-line reviews that FSX will have features/changes that I and many others had suggested to the FS Team a few years ago. I am sure that the FSX project team members had several meetings with management and engineers to determine a good balance of value-added features that the team can program into FSX and features that 3rd party coders can offer.Quite honestly, I would even suggest to the Aces Team to take the time necessary to optimize the existing FSX code. Well, I know that all projects have a deadline.I may not have the hardware to run FSX the way I like to, but I plan on getting FSX as soon as it lands on the retail runways.Looking forward to FSX this holiday season!David
  11. Nice review and screenshots at simflight.comDavid
  12. Interesting points you have there, Scott. Lets hope that the SDK's for FSX will be thorough and clear enough for the average yet ambitious developer to take advantage of some of its advanced flight model capabilities.I've been a frequent reader of this forum and have wondered why there are very few (if any) aeronautical/aerospace engineers on these forums or in this hobby who can talk about flight dynamics/modeling from an engineering point of view and how these can be enhanced in FS. I am not a RW pilot, but I do enjoy the view when I look out the windows of my Mooney Bravo in MS Flight Sim!David
  13. Well, I hope that we can have it too. However, if it will cause considerable performance degradation with average systems (such as mine), I'd prefer that the team put their efforts in fligh dynamics and weather simulation.David
  14. >>>Hey Tim, those .cfg terrain settings do the business for>>me,>>>at long last, after trying dozens of other suggestions. >>>>>>Thanks a million!>>>>>>Ed>>Ed: I am glad to help ya :)>>Tom: I believe it is FE :)>>Ande: Jim is right... FE, ASV6, RealSky, FS Genesis Mesh,>>UTUSA. I have an Athlon 64 3.6Ghz, running Windows XP SP2,>2GB>>RAM, (2) SATA 250GB Hard Drives, ATI X850XT 256MB Graphics>>Card, Audigy X-FI Sound card.>>>>The settings are included in the post.>>>>Cyas>>Tim :)>>>Tim thats great - Thanks everso much... i take it that>building a similar machine to yours will give me a good basis>for VISTA and msfsx? I might begin my upgrade to a machine>similar to yours.>>btw... looked at the fs9.cfg file last night - changes i made>were fantastic. two queries though:->>1) the part below - i couldnt find these in my file to amend.>any ideas?>RUNWAY_LIGHTS_SURFACE_SCALAR=1.4>RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=1.4>RUNWAY_LIGHTS_APPROACH_SCALAR=1.4>RUNWAY_LIGHTS_STROBE_SCALAR=1.4>>2) one of your settings in FE has "user data" set, i havent>copied any files anywhere but i noticed that it wanted me to>save files into a special folder.>>thanks again.I would wait until DX10 cards are available and until FSX is released in retail before upgrading hardware. Besides, some PC parts will be cheaper later this year.David
  15. >Actually it's probably because the people who post more>regularly (myself and Jason) don't know a heck of a lot about>the flight models. I know we have them and we pay a guy to>work on them but that's about it. It's all 1's and 2's to>me...ah-ha! So there are changes to the flight model in FSX: It went from 1's and 0's to 1's and 2's. It will be interesting to see what improvements these 1's and 2's will bring. :-hah David
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