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Just started piecing my new system together (still waiting on CPU) and all seemed fine until I was turning the case around and accidentally flipped the power switch on the PSU. It appears that it popped a breaker in the fuse box as the TV and other socketed items went off. I disconnected the cable and reset the fuse box. Had a friend who has built a couple of PC's in the past come round today to take a look. He said everything seems OK and was as stumped as me as to the cause. 


Is anyone able to shed any light as to what may have happened?




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Personally... I would test the PSU, on it's own, in isolation.


You can test with a test meter, or the easiest way it to purchase a PSU tester. They are very cheap.


If you have a residual current device [RCD] in your fuse box, [could be called something else in US] then they are very sensitive, could have been just a random glitch.


I have to say though, many things could be the cause, up to and including other components like motherboard. 


Make sure everything is wired properly of course, no pinched cables shorting. 

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