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Around the World in 1000 days ( + or - )

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Last January, while in v2.3, I decided I was going to fly around the world.  No set flight plans-- no particular aircraft--just decided each day where the next destination would be.  The distance of the flight then determined the aircraft of the day, altitude and so forth.  Started in Milford Sound in New Zealand, to Fiji, then Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Beijing, Istanbul, Europe, Norway and today in Thule, Greenland.  I actually flew to Thule 3 times in my prior life. Nothing against Greenland, but Thule is desolate, although the best place to get electronics in the Western World if you're in the armed forces.


During all of this 2.3 went in the tank and I reloaded with v.3 and rebuilt the flight sim, but I kept going, leaving from the last destination in v2.3 to the next designation in v3.


I've been flying in the four A2A P3d native aircraft, the Turbine Duke, and for really long hauls, Lionheart's Lear 24, as I'm not really a tubeliner guy.


Up until v2.3 sank, I'd used all ORBX scenery, FSG mesh, Vector, etc.  Then in 3.0 only Plan G, FTX Global, ASN/OPUS, GTN 750 and the buttkicker.  As I'm starting my flight from Thule to someplace in Canada (who knows where) I'm adding the ORBX North America scenery as I go along, but not Vector.


As of today, my plans are to go West through the Rockies to Northern Alaska, down the West Coast of the US and along the West side of South America.  Then to Antarctica, Australia and back to Milford Sound.  But all of that could change and I haven't saved any of my flight plans.


This has really been a gas, as it gives some purpose to my obsession and will probably last another two years or so, as I plan to visit every airport in ORBX' bag of tricks.


I'd love to know if anybody else has embarked on the same type of vagabond trip, or any similar impulsive flights that took more than a month.


Thanks and Go Heat!

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I also like the idea of starting a flight from the destination of the last flight to a new destination, to explore the area nearby and then to continue. But I am not that strict as I also like doing my flights online with ATC, or practice procedures etc.

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Nice to hear about your adventures Michael! 


I do the same kind of thing, but not quite as ambitious in scope and time. 


Currently I'm doing a "Tour of Arabia" visiting every capital (and a few scenic stops like Mecca, Jerusalem) of every Arabic country/emirate etc.. I started in FlyTampa's Dubai, then took all the Emirates, before continuing to Oman and Yemen. I try to find good scenery and freeware if possible for most of the places I go. I'll probably continue with a Tour of Persia. I read up on the places I fly over and to on an iPad while airborne, and have a huge Atlas by my side. 


I've done lots of other small projects, including all the PNW airports/airstrips, Countries of Africa South of the Sahara, Airports/Airstrips and Heliports/Helipads of Norway, Airports of Australia (in the FS9 freeware pre-ORBX scenery), North Pole to South Pole and then some.

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