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P3D connected apps, what works?

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In the realm of connected apps for android, ipad/phone, and networked windows PC, what apps are available and functional.  


I've been trying, fruitlessly, to get my GTN dragged over to a surface.  Splashtop and magicdesk have been a bust.  Not working much at all.  Magicdesk was the closest but too slow and touchscreen didn't work.  


I tried Fltplan Go on my Note 5, briefly, but the desktop client didn't seem to want to connect to P3D.  


So.....    What works, on what device.  I'd love something free-ish to use on my Note, surface, or if I must get an ipad.  I likely would not pay for foreflight (but tell us if you use it, and on what device) but would love to have something similar, or be able to use my GTN from an ipad or surface.  


Let's hear it folks, any app on any device!!!



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I tried several years ago to use a remote tools to display addons on my iPad with "Air Display". In 2011, it was useless with the Reality XP GNS : 


As a (real) PPL VFR pilot, I use extensively real tablet applications navigation software. Years ago in France, I used Air Nav Pro, since two years, I use Skydemon. For flights in the US, I use Foreflight.


I connect these apps with my Prepar3D thru this tool : It allows me via Wifi to have the moving map (Skydemon, Air Nav Pro) but also AI Traffic on Foreflight.

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Thanks for being the first to chime in here and try to get the conversation going.


To summarize what you are saying, you use Foreflight via fsxflight, on an ipad.  Could you also let us know which ipad you use??  


I am hoping to find a solution a little less expensive, but for the sake of all P3D users it would be nice to compile a list of functioning companion apps in the format just stated.  What app, what interface (if needed), on what device.  I really would love to use foreflight but since I don't fly much in RL it's hard to justify the cost.  I have been attempting to get Fltplan Go working but I can't seem to get the server client to connect to P3D on my PC.  If it would connect I have Fltplan Go on my Note 5.  


If anyone else is using companion apps successfully in P3D please let us know!!



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