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FSX AI Landing Lights

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I'm using WOAI and I'm frustrated with one problem.  The landing lights make the aircraft look like they're on fire upon approach and landing.  I have REX textures installed which replaces the halo.bmp and makes the runways look decent, however, the AI look ridiculous.  I've replaced the halo.bmp to the default just to test it out and the runway lights are gigantic.  Can this be remedied?  Using REX textures and still have decent lights all around?


The fixes I found in search seemed to point to changing the halo.bmp (not gonna work with REX) or installing Shockwave lights.

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I don't know of a way to fix this without changing the halo.bmp. I don't use REX, but it might be worth taking a look at the replacement halo.bmp it uses. The halo.bmp file is actually four images in one. Each of the images is used for a different purpose. From memory, I think it's the top left image that is used for AI landing lights. The file can be viewed and changed in pretty much any graphics editor. Just make sure to keep the same size/resolution etc. And back up the original first !

Just read the second part of your post. The size of the runway lights can be changed by adding these lines to the [DISPLAY} section of  FSX.cfg:

RUNWAY_LIGHTS_VASI_SCALAR=0.9             // VASI Lights


Change the SCALAR values to suit.


I have a selection of modified halo.bmp files. If you're interested in trying them, drop me a PM with your email id and I will send to you.

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Share on other sites  in the AVSIM Library.  Give this a try for your landing lights problem.

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