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My Process Lasso expierment - WOW

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First off I want to say that this worked for me but may not for you!

We all struggle with micro stutters sometime or another but it seems no matter what we try there is always a flashback now or then.


Last week I read that someone tried a program called “Process Lasso”, I wanted to believe that this would work but I had my doubts. I have been using every tip and trick to get past the stutters that has surfaced here on Avsim and I thought I could do no more, well I was wrong. Let me say that I was amazed at the results with Process Lasso. Try it yourself; I hope you are as happy as I am.

The first time I tried it the results were not much different than what I had but after seeing a youtube video on how to set the parameters of the program I am shocked at the results. The video is by our own Captain K-man


I did try his settings but the results for me were ok but not much better, but he even says that you should test different settings and that is what I did, WOW.


My system is a 5930k and I assigned 2,3 6-11 for P3dv3.1

All my addons as in Track iR5, ProAtcx, etc. are assigned to 0,1 4,5

Everything else not associated with Windows, Microsoft and System were assigned to 0,1 4,5


Test flight is a flight I could never get past TOD without VAS issue,

(Drezwiecki Design) KLGA to CYYZ (FlyTampa) with NGX, ProATC X, Track iR5

Once I finally settled on the setup I made the flight without any issue and smooth as can be, I was excited, but then I decided to try a return flight to KLGA and I was then amazed that I did complete the flight, truly amazed.

Remember you need to try different setting to get P3d stable and evenly divided between the cores used.


4K monitor

Motherboard: Rampage V Extreme

Processor: 5930K @4.5 performance setting

Memory (part number): G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 3000C15Q-16GRR

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Interesting, and I am assuming that all OS processes are not touched. It seems all is affinity settings were on addons associated with the flightsim only.

I am not running hyperthreading and using 4 cores only. I set to use cores 2,3 and 4 only for the sim. Not seeing any difference in smoothness.



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Now...since someone realllly messed up and deleted our system specs, I plan to get Lasso...and my question is...what are YOUR optimum settings with the following hardware:


I7-2600k OC'd to 4.5 GHz

Geforce 770




Different specs usefulness is dubious, but I'll listen...


As KMan Sez..."use your worst case" here is what the above rig is running:



ASN local or remote or OpusFSI


737 NGX/T7






Can you help a brother out, and give me a Lasso starting place??





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