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Members can change their e-mail address at any time via their respective profile.  If, for any reason, the change is unsuccessful, please contact us using the form in the "Contact Us" menu above and we will assist.

Many members have not signed on for several months or years and their password is no longer valid.  Our "forgot password" feature will send a new password to your registered e-mail address and, if not received immediately, your registered e-mail address is probably no longer valid.  Just contact us and we will change your password and/or e-mail address for you so you can get logged on again as quickly as possible.

Please do not set up a new account if you cannot logon!  Contact us!

Thanks for your cooperation.

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I have been an Active Avsim Member for Several years, have made 1000+ posts and have some member ratings accredited. Within the last 24 hours I tried to change my email address, as my old one had been hacked and I was receiving 300+ spam email bombs in a 24 hour period (not hacked from Avsim).

On the Avsim site,I completed the necessary new email change field in my Profile, submitted and was told I would receive a validation email to to verify my new email address......I received no such verification email. I then tried to login into my Avsim account using my old email address (the one I tried to change) and was told that there was "no such email address", obviously it had been wiped after I updated to my new address.  My old or new emails are not recognized. I then submitted an email to Avsim using the Contact link explaining my dilemma. I received emails from yourself and ckreznor stating that a new Account had been created under my old Display Name (JustanotherPilot) I was provided with new login details.

PROBLEM: When I log in using the details provided by Avsim, I find that I am a new member!, the new login was not linked to my old Account and I now have no  history of posts, signature, content followed or notifications.

I have been processed as a New Member instead of an existing member trying to update my details

Can you rectify this so that I can have my old identity back.

I have these forums using details provided by Avsim after my initial inquiry and as it can be seen -no post, no credits and no signature


Steve Southey


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