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Prepar3d.cfg settings not explained elsewhere

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Is there a way to get autogen to start appearing from further away?  Specifically, I feel that trees should be rendered from further away.  buildings are okay to have at the max the in-game settings allow, but trees are almost part of what we would want to see as part of the far-away textures, but auto-gen won't render them further away.


 I see in the Prepar3d.cfg file in the user folder it has:



This defaults to 9500 (is it feet?) and allows you to go as high as 12000 before forcing it back down to 12000.  This does seem to make the trees appear sooner than buildings, but not by much.


AUTOGEN_TREE_MIN_DISTANCE_TO_LOD=2500.000000 (default)

What does this do, exactly?


Is there any sort of comprehensive list of what every setting in the .cfg files does, especially this .cfg file?


Thank you in advance,

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Buildings autogen cannot be extended by purpose, there is no parameter to do so. I think it was further away in 2.0, but was cut back later because of VAS issues (and, maybe, others).


You can influence the visual effect of the autogen radius using the zoom setting, within limits.


Kind regards, Michael

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that's unfortunate to hear - that autogen distance cannot be influenced :(


It seems like a no-brainer, that we would want to control this radius just like we can control clouds and texture LOD distance.


I have another question related to the topic of this thread:


What setting in the .cfg files might give me the ability to more efficiently dump memory?  I seem to be noticing that flying fastly across the landscape often loads okay, but after several minutes of this type of loading, the game gets laggy (FPS).  Is it possibly unable to dump what was no longer needed, referred to as "garbage removal".


I see there is a setting:

MaxRegionsPurgePerFrame= which defaults at 16.  I put this at 32 to see if it would seem to unload more efficiently and therefore giving the loading textures in my flight path free memory and cpu time to load.  I feel as though it did accomplish this, but I do not know for sure.  Nevertheless, I do still seem to have the need for the game to dump assets more efficiently - but I also don't know for sure.



Also, since I created this topid to talk about any config file value that may not be  answered elsewhere...


Does this hidden supersampling AA setting actually do anything?  I tried it and didn't notice jaggies going away at all.  



If I change this to 1, does that turn it ON, as in binary 0 and 1 being Off/On?  Or is it 1x value of some sort, and there is a 2x 4x 8x etc.?  Or, do we possibly need to input a value like a resolution the game is to render and then supersample down to your screen res?

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I can't answer your first question, however, as far as I know (and confirmed time ago) the SSAA parameter is not (yet?) implemented but just a placeholder. 


Kind regards, Michael

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