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Lear 35 autopilot pitch mode problems, course deviation bar HSI

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Hi guys,


after only flying locally, I wanted to go on a trip and use the autopilot and the 530 GPS. I installed V2.1 today, but it was only frustrating so far. The autopilot seems to do whatever it likes. Pitch modes have been uncontrollable.


One example: I have it trimmed out nicely flying manually at a1000 fpm climb, selecting either VS or SPD, engaging the ap (altitude is selected higher) and it goes into a nose dive.


On another trial I got it to climb in basic modes, just engaging the ap with ALT SEL armed, but It does not acquire the altitude properly and levels off 700 below selected altitude.


Course display: To follow the flightplan in the GPS, I pressed GPS on the 530, NAV on the autopilot and It followed the track, but the deviation bar in the HSI shows completely off to one side, although setting the course as per flightplan leg.


Is anyone experiencing simmilar problems, or do you have some hints at what I am doing wrong?

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I have similar problems and related discussion is here:


Is the AP working as it should do in the L35A, flysimware?


If it is working as expected I would love to see a short tutorial video or a simple written instruction of how to use the SPD and V/S mode.


I have tried both modes in climb/decent but as soon as I change thrust or do a turn, the aircraft deviates from the controlled speed or v/s.

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I went back to V1.9 today and now the autopilot seems to do something.

I found out that you first have to press ALT SEL then VS, still flying manually, and when happy with the flight director and in trim engage the autopilot. Like that VS would work, BUT...


ALT SEL would still bust the altitude sometimes.

Flying it back to the selected altitude and pressing ALT HOLD would do nothing and bust the altitude!

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