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  1. Thanks for the update @cwburnett and your work. Much appreciated! Just a thought from my side. I think it is better with small improvements released frequently than large updates which often gets delayed and takes long time to get perfect. If some small and simple things are fixed and released we can enjoy those things as we wait on other improvements. Keep up the good work!
  2. I have not have the time to test myself but I know spad.neXt have support for MSFS + GoFlight MCP (I own this device myself). But there are discussion about performance issues when things connect through SimConnect. But I am sure this will be resolved by A/MS in the near future.
  3. Some things I love to see in the ATC are: - Dynamically assign SID/STAR/rwy due to weather and current live traffic (for larger aircrafts) - Dynamically assign rwy due to weather for smaller aircrafts - Place you in holdings if required - Possibility to go from VFR to IFR if weather changes - Deny you landing clearance if conditions are to bad at destination - Help you with vectoring if you are not in a SID/STAR/route - Direct you (with vectors) to nearest suitable airport if you declare an emergency (Note 1: I am not in beta and do not know if some of this is already there) (Note 2: I have used ProATC/X for many years and loved it)
  4. Well, I meant the nickname . (ie the dot). Gives a minimal intrusive watermark... 🤪
  5. Did anyone get some clues from this episode if the landing rwy and STAR is dynamically assigned due to weather changes? I like to file a flight plan between two airports but leave the SID/STAR out of it and have this dynamically assigned in the flight due to weather and ai-traffic.
  6. I was now able to upload my new dxdiag file. New system built and installed since last upload-window.
  7. OK. I suspected this. Thanks for clarifying.
  8. When I run AILGenerator I have two folders added: D:\Aviation\FLAi D:\P3Dv4 With the last entry I hoped to get the aircrafts (and helicopters) included in P3D but it looks like 0 (zero) objects is found in this folder. Is it not possible to add the objects from the P3D folder or am I missing something? (I get the AI from FLAi and those are working great in the sim)
  9. I see the same behaviour! I thought this had to do with my (incorrect) configuration of SPAD.neXt together with my GF-MCP Pro. I have not been able to use my sim the last couple of weeks so I have not investigated further. This post is more of a "me too".
  10. I modified the file and this solved the problem. Installing 1.4 soon and testing again. Thanks for your super-support!
  11. Running version 1.3 and I get "String too long" and the program teminates. No AI_liveries.txt generated. I was using 1.1 before and everything worked. EDIT: This happens only when I select "aircraft type fixes" EDIT 2: I also get "Bad allocation" sometimes. After restarting AILGenerator I can get "String too long" again. Looks like the behaviour is different between the runs even with the same data... I have never seen this behaviour before. Tue Jun 26 13:05:15 2018 (utc) version 1.3 AILGenerator (64 bit) INCLUDE_VAS=0 INCLUDE_GXX=1 INCLUDE_ZXX=1 REPAIR_NUM=1 REPAIR_FORMAT=0 REPAIR_FIX=1 REPAIR_SOUND=1 folder0=\\Flight\D\Aviation\BVAI folder1=\\Flight\D\Aviation\MyTraffic folder2= folder3= folder4= folder5= folder6= folder7= folder8= folder9= VERSION_CHECKED_AT=:!b1,ovto The Virtual Airlines are: CYB, DAW, DVA, EUA, LUX, YMA, YMF INCLUDE_GXX=0 INCLUDE_ZXX=0 Searching in \\Flight\D\Aviation\BVAI \\Flight\D\Aviation\BVAI\SimObjects\Airplanes\BVA_C5\aircraft.cfg fltsim sections numbering repaired Error: string too long
  12. I have no access to my flight machine right now, but i looked in my SPAD.neXt Learjet 35A profile in my backup. I found those LVAR settings:
  13. I do not think this is accurate or fare. I have followed the ProATC/X-forums for several years and I think the moderators and support are doing a great job. Both trying to find solutions to software problems and helping pilots to manage SID/STAR/route-procedures. Some years ago the forums was not a nice place to visit and this due to some very load and often rude users. Those users even made moderators give up on their task. And after the newly released version the moderators have worked around the clock to help users. Good work! Are there bugs? Of cource! Do we want more features? Yes, and probably one more... But I enjoy ProATC/X in every flight and most of the time it is working great and have done so for many years!
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