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  1. Pro ATC X update Be careful,

    I do not think this is accurate or fare. I have followed the ProATC/X-forums for several years and I think the moderators and support are doing a great job. Both trying to find solutions to software problems and helping pilots to manage SID/STAR/route-procedures. Some years ago the forums was not a nice place to visit and this due to some very load and often rude users. Those users even made moderators give up on their task. And after the newly released version the moderators have worked around the clock to help users. Good work! Are there bugs? Of cource! Do we want more features? Yes, and probably one more... But I enjoy ProATC/X in every flight and most of the time it is working great and have done so for many years!
  2. Pro ATC X update Be careful,

    "Data -> Aircraft -> Edit (selected Aircraft)" and Select "None" in the Checklist selector.
  3. Could it be possible to add the functionality to manually specify an area around problematic airports with x and y offsets in that area (and even z offset)? The small jump of an aircraft in the air when entering this "area" is probably less disturbing than aircrafts taxing around in the grassy areas around the runways/taxiways.
  4. I had the same problem and I (together with the author of RealTraffic) found out that if the .ini file exists but is empty, RealTraffic won't start. RealTraffic.ini file is located here: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\InsideSystems Try to remove it. It will be recreated when starting RealTraffic.
  5. PRO-ATC X and serious sound stuttering

    One note in the release notes of Version [CUT] On the full setup all sound files adjusted to 11.025 Khz. 8 Bit Mono (some were on 16 Bit), which makes the setup file a bit smaller and which probably leads to a few more FPS in the simulation when sounds are played. [CUT] This is only done if a full install is performed. Not on an update of a previous install. (Remember to save a copy/backup of the previous install if customization have been done). Maybe worth a try?
  6. L35 SPD Hold

    How about the settings mentioned in the earlier post. Use original or use the new ones together with this patched .cab files? max_pitch= ? max_pitch_acceleration= ?
  7. How to install WoAI into P3D?

    I did the installation *without* the manual "extract and copy". 1) Create an empty file in your P3D folder with the name "fsx.exe" (make sure you not end up with "fsx.exe.txt") 2) In the "WoAI Installer" browse to your target folder (ie P3D) and select the fsx.exe file. 3) Now you can select the target "Microsoft Simulator X" and install directly in the P3D without the manual "extract and copy". I got no errors using this method and the WoAI works really good. or is there something "bad" with this method that I am not aware of...?
  8. If you mean when installing WoAI? I did follow that Youtube video the first time I tried but I found another video with a better method (can't find it right now but I can explain the method). Instead of extract and move manually there is a better method. 1) Create a empty file in your P3D folder with the name "fsx.exe" (make sure you not end up with "fsx.exe.txt") 2) In the "WoAI Installer" browse to your targer P3D folder and select the fsx.exe file. 3) Now you can select Target "Microsoft Simulator X" and install directly in the P3D without the manual "extract and move". I got no errors using this method and the WoAI works really good.
  9. Lear 2.8 Battery off with lights still on?

    Yes, the "EMERG BAT" defaults to "on" (or "stand by"). If this is switched to "off" the lights go off. Unfortunate this state ("off") could not be saved in the situation file and this makes a load to "cold and dark" hard... (i think this state is a LVAR and those are not saved). The "EMERG BAT" is below the "auto pilot" switch (not the engage on the actual autopilot) but the sitch in the switch panel lower part.
  10. If there ever is a Lear 35A - 2.8...

    Adding to the list of discovered anomalies on v2.8: - I can't save a situation as "Cold and Dark". When I reload the aircraft it is *not* in the "Cold and Dark" state. (Can anyone verify this? I also unistalled + installed from v2.7)
  11. If there ever is a Lear 35A - 2.8...

    I you haven't looked recently. The list of updated/fixed things have grown in the forthcoming update 2.8
  12. If there ever is a Lear 35A - 2.8...

    2.8...Coming Soon (look near the end):
  13. Question about glideslope in LJ35A

    I did mean NAV-radio when I wrote COM. My goof... Ok, now everything is working when using NAV1 instead of NAV2 and I guess this is by design. I can live with this. iFMS. I use this with great success in several aircrafts and now mostly in LJ35A. It replicates a FMC and control the aircraft by managing the autopilot according to flightplan. It can do LNAV, VNAV, hold patterns, SID/STAR, Navigraph/AIRAC. Multiple tablets/phones can be used for FMC, PDF, AICAS, ... And I like the fact that it is running on an tablet besides my chair. This adds to the realism.
  14. Question about glideslope in LJ35A

    OK. The mode *was* in VLOC-mode in the GPS. But I had set the ILS-frequency in the COM-unit between the chairs (next to "steer lock" et al). The ILS-worked but... When I entered the ILS-frequency in the NAV in the GPS unit (the default GPS unit) everything worked!!! I could now see G/S deviance! But the next question is: Can I use the COM between the chairs and *not* use the GPS one and have full ILS functionality? I usually fly the LJ35A with iFMS ( and does not really use the GPS. (and thanks Al for the LUA-scripts) Best regards
  15. Question about glideslope in LJ35A

    Thanks for your reply, I will double-check this later today. The fact that the whole ILS landing is working (ie the aircraft is following the localizer and the glideslope) may have fooled me to look in the wrong places... Off topic: (Are you the "Al with the wonderful lua scripts for the A/P ? :smile: Cited from another forum thread.) Are those available someware. I have the A/P working under SPAD.neXt, but I have some trouble with V/S and SPD. They *seams* to work because they lit up the corresponding function on the A/P but the actual speed-lock (or vertical speed-lock) is not done in the aircraft when selecting from the physical buttons. If i select the function in V/C it is working. Strange... Best regards